How Much Caffeine is in a Can of Coke (Coca-Cola) Classic, Life, Zero, Diet

caffeine in coke

Caffeine is known to be the best substance to wake you up. For many people it is hard not to drink a cup of coffee in the morning. However, there is also some caffeine in coke. How much is it?

How Much Caffeine Does Coke Contain?

Caffeine is a part of more than two hundred thousand medicines. It contributes to restoration of impaired functions of some human organs, so it is successfully used in medical practice. Caffeine stimulates and normalizes the work of central nervous system. It is recognized as an excellent tonic, which removes lethargy, drowsiness and apathy. Of course, it also relieves fatigue.

All those properties of caffeine make it something you need to wake up. However, why is it in the content of coke? The answer is simple. Caffeine also increases the production of dopamine (as known as the hormone of happiness). Of course, it does not do it in as large quantities as, e.g. amphetamine, but the work is the same.

One can of Coca-Cola contains 35 mg of caffeine in there, and Pepsi – almost 40 mg. Is that a big number? Well, one cup of espresso contains 40-80 mg of this substance. Therefore, it is almost the same.

If you drink coffee regularly, it might be bad for your health. In addition, if you tend to drink some coke from time to time, it will get worse. Why is caffeine bad in large amounts? Our body likes it in small doses, especially when it needs to stay active. This substance increases the production of adrenaline to increase energy and controls the amount of dopamine. Therefore, we stay lively for some time.

But sooner or later, your body will get used to caffeine. When all the adrenaline is over, you will feel tired and devastated. Then you will go get another cup of coffee. Moreover, if you drink cola, you will get a can instead, because it also contains a lot of sugar, which increases dopamine level even more.

It is hard for your heart to work as fast as caffeine makes it to.

Another dose of caffeine will restore your energy level, but it is hard for the body to stay that active for a long time. Adrenaline keeps you lively and awake at nights, because it reduces the level of adenosine – the hormone of deep sleep.

It is harmful for your health to drink coffee too often. But add some coke to your ration, and it gets only worse. That is why you should be very careful with it. Nevertheless, is there any difference in other types of coke?

Caffeine in Coke Zero

‘Zero’ stands for sugar here. This kind of coke does not contain any white powder. However, what about caffeine? Laboratory tests have shown the result of the same caffeine content – 35 mg. Manufacturers do not deny it, to be honest. Therefore, this kind of coke is good about sugar, but it does not make it better.

The thing is, no matter how little sugar there is (it is an actual 0%) in Coca-Cola Zero and how much calories does it have. Caffeine in large amounts is as harmful for your health as sucrose. As we have mentioned, it affects your body’s dopamine production. Therefore, you will like the coke and want more, meaning regular consuming will become a habit soon enough.

Of course, those who suffer from diabetes or obesity will rather drink Zero than classic one. Nevertheless, such health problems are only intensified with caffeine. It is up to you to decide what to drink, but remember that Zero coke is as far from being absolutely beneficial as regular one.

How Much Caffeine is in Diet Coke?

Many soda manufacturers create diet analogues of their regular product. These analogues contain less sugar (but not 0%). What about caffeine then? Diet Pepsi contains the same amount of it, which you have probably remembered by now. It is 35 mg per one can. Diet Coca-Cola, by the way, have increased the number with almost 50 mg.

Talking about Pepsi, they have actually lowered the amount of energy substance, but only by a pair of milligrams. Meaning it is still too high. Summing up, there is nothing so ‘diet’ in any diet coke. Yeah, the content of harmful elements is less than in regular ones, but it makes almost no difference for your body.

There are also some other variants of tastes for coke. Most popular are Cherry, Vanilla and Life. You have probably figured out already that caffeine amounts are approximately the same here. Why so? Well, buyers almost does not care about its content. It is extremely popular to go on a sugar-free diet, but no one talks about caffeine. However, now you know that consuming it too often may lead to some serious health problems. So, be careful and smart out there.

Caffeine Content in Coke Classic, Zero, Diet, Life (mg per 1 can)

does diet coke have caffeine

Name of a product Caffeine content in a can (daily norm for adults is 400 mg)
Classic (Cherry) Coca-Cola 34.2 mg
Classic (Cherry) Pepsi 38.8 mg
Coca-Cola Life 28 mg
Coca-Cola Zero 35.7 mg
Diet Coca-Cola 47.1 mg
Diet Pepsi 35.9 mg

Caffeine is a needed thing sometimes. When you have a rough week at work and need to stay up for a long time, a cup of coffee or a can of coke will help you. Nevertheless, you should always keep in mind that caffeine is as addictive as sugar. The more you consume, the more you want.


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