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How to Take Care of Colored Hair – 6 Tips

maintain dyed hair

The issue of caring for colored hair is very relevant today, because an overwhelming number of women resort to changing their appearance via dyeing hair.


How to Wash Dyed Hair – 5 Rules

how to wash dyed hair

Hair coloring today is a standard procedure, which most women and some men turn to in pursuit of a new desired image.


How to Make a Rose Nails Design – Nail Art Tutorial

rose nails design

Every woman loves flowers, especially if talking about lush, luxurious roses of a bright scarlet color, symbolizing deep love and passion. How can one remain indifferent when looking at this magnificence rose nails design?


How to Make an Adidas Nails Design – Nail Art Tutorial

adidas nail art

The Adidas brand is on the market for decades. The tree-petal logo and traditional black and white Adidas nail design can be easily recognized by people of any age.


How to Make a Negative Space Nails Design – Nail Art Tutorial

Negative Space Nails Design

A very tender negative space nail design is an excellent choice for those who appreciate restraint and femininity without flashy tones. Here, each nail will have its own design, while we will only use two colors: white and gold with glitter. We will also need an adhesive nail design tape.


How to Make a Valentine’s Day Nails Design – Nail Art Tutorial


The main holiday of those who is in love – Valentine’s Day – is approaching. It means that the time to decorate everything around with a symbol of love – hearts – has come! Nail design trends by mid-February are persistently striving for the vday theme.


How to Make a Gothic Nail Design – Nail Art Tutorial

gothic nails design

If you want to add some boldness and rebelliousness to your appearance, it is time to try this gothic style nail design with a skull. Ghostly skull art, contrasting colors and broths as a reference to thorns – Let’s Rock!


How To Make A BTS Nail Design – Nail Art Tutorial

bts nail design

A Korean pop band BTS is at its peak now. For those who could not resist these Asian guys we offer a bright and easy-to-do BTS nail design, dedicated to one of the band’s most famous songs – “Not Today”.


How To Make A Mandala Nail Design – Nail Art Tutorial

beautiful mandala nail

Mandala is a complex nail art pattern that consists of many details. Nevertheless, it is not difficult to make mandala nail design using nail stickers or stamping. But even if you are not a professional nail artist, you will be able to easily draw the famous pattern by hand by simply following the listed below […]


Argan Oil: Benefits for Your Face & Body Skin

argan oil for face

Argan oil is rightfully considered the best remedy for skin care. Its unique nutrient composition has no analogues in nature. So, how should you use it?