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How to Take Care of Colored Hair – 6 Tips

maintain dyed hair

The issue of caring for colored hair is very relevant today, because an overwhelming number of women resort to changing their appearance via dyeing hair.


How to Wash Dyed Hair – 5 Rules

how to wash dyed hair

Hair coloring today is a standard procedure, which most women and some men turn to in pursuit of a new desired image.


How To Increase Hair Volume With A Micro Hair Crimper

nice volumetric hairstyle

Making a nice volumetric hairstyle is always a hard task for any woman. However, there are some simple techniques, which can help a lot. One of these is a subject of our article.


How To Make Curly Hairstyle For Little Girl At Home

the technique is pretty easy

If you have ever wondered how to do curly hair at home, you might think this is easy. However, such hairstyle does take a lot of time and patience. Today we will learn more about it.


How To Do A French Twist Hair Updo – Step By Step Instruction

do not be afraid of learning

When you are going to a soiree, you want yourself to look gorgeous. One of the most important components is a hairstyle. Today we will learn how to do a french twist hair updo, which will make you shine.


How To Create A Bow Hairstyle For Girl – Step By Step

bow hairstyle diy

Some pretty hairstyle is always a nice way to enhance the beauty. If you want your child to look outstanding and lovely, this tutorial will tell you about one easy way of doing so.