How to Make an Adidas Nails Design – Nail Art Tutorial

adidas nail art

The Adidas brand is on the market for decades. The tree-petal logo and traditional black and white Adidas nail design can be easily recognized by people of any age.

If you love the brand or cannot imagine themselves without dynamics and sports, this adidas-style nail art, combining monochrome restraint and bright recognizability of a famous brand, is for you.

The Adidas brand

To create this design, we need polishes of only two colors – black and white, but they must be very dense.

the main design element

First, as usual, apply a transparent base coat. After it is dry, cover the nails with a base color: the index and ring fingers – with black, while the rest – with white polish.

Draw petal

Let us start drawing the main design element – the branded three-leafed adidas logo. This will require a thin brush and a confident hand. Draw petals one-by-one with black gel polish on the middle fingernail.

drawing in a lamp

Dry the drawing in a lamp. Then, draw three white stripes over the trefoil with the same thin brush. Try to make the lines as straight as possible.

cover the black base

Be sure to paint over as dense as possible, so the white coat should completely cover the black base.

ring fingernails

Let us move to the index and ring fingernails. Mo make lifer easier, use while nail design stripes. Apply three stripes diagonally and press firmly against the nail plate.

three stripes

Fix the resulting design with a glossy top and dry in a lamp. Leave thumb and little nails white, fixing it with a top coat.

glossy top

The result is rather simple, but super stylish. This adidas nail art will look especially gorgeous on long nails of a rectangular form. It will be a perfect choice for strong, courageous and interesting girls prefer a bright and dynamic life.

super stylish

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tutorial adidas nail design

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