How To Get Gel Polish Off At Home With Acetone

how to remove gel polish

Removing gel polish from nails often seems as a hard and long work. It is not easy and pleasurable, if you do not know a basic stuff about it. That is why today we will tell you some secrets about how to get rid of gel polish easily.

If you are about to go through this tutorial, make sure you have all equipment needed, such as:

  • Nail file;
  • Buffer for nails;
  • Nail scissors;
  • Cotton pads;
  • Some foil;
  • A solvent for gel polish and/or acetone;
  • A nail pusher or an orange stick;
  • Some cosmetic oil.

In addition, before we begin, you should know that different polishes are not equally easy to remove. For example, ones by Koto are much easier to wash off than the same colors by My Nail. The reason is that the quality of base varies. And this base defines how good or bad a polish sticks to nails. Usually, thicker bases penetrate the nail deeper. Therefore, do not worry if you cannot do it as fast as we do; take your time and repeat any steps if needed.

use a buffer with a high abrasiveness

If your base is a thicker one, you will need to remove the glossy (top) layer from nail surface first. In order to perform this step, use a buffer with a high abrasiveness or just some nail file. For your convenience, you can brush away the dust with a cotton pad. This way you will see where you need to file more.

The most problematic part of nail for removing gel polish is its tip. However, if you file it a little as you usually do when making manicure, a solvent will dissolve the gel faster and easier. Advice: you can make several movements strictly downwards in the opposite direction, using your nail file.

remove gel polish with acetone

Now we will need some foil, cotton pads and a solvent. Notice, that you may use acetone as well, but we recommend a special solvent instead. Many women complain that skin around the nail burns a bit, when they use a solvent. We have got for you a little secret to escape it. Cut the cotton pad into small pieces (make it a little bigger than your nail is). For example, if your nails are small, make six nice slices of pizza. Also, if the pad is two-ply, divide each piece into 2 layers.

remove gel polish with nail polish remover

Put each ‘slice’ in a gel polish solvent so that it is wet but not dripping. Bend it at the end for faster dissolving.

wrap the nail in a foil

Tightly wrap the nail in a foil. Wait for a period of time, specified on the bottle (on average, 10-15 minutes). Be sure to read the information on bottle! Be careful! Do not overtime.

remove gel polish by yourself

Gel nail polish dissolves faster when it is warm, so warm up your hands before starting. After removing the foil, you will see that your gel polish has softened. Now use a special nail pusher or an orange stick.

removing the rest of the gel

Start removing the rest of the gel with soft pushing movements. Be sure not to push too hard, as you do not want to damage the nail.

remove gel polish without damage

Use a soft buffer with a low abrasiveness to completely clean it all off. Let your movements be gentle and soft as well. Do not push it on the growth of the nail. Wash your hands and grease cuticle with a cosmetic oil.

Now that is all! You see, removing a gel polish by yourself is not as hard as it may seem for the first time. The key is being patient and accurate. If you are, this work will be easy-peasy for you. Of course, such things are must-know if you like making manicure at home. So make sure you have learned it before starting any ‘experiments’.

How To Remove Gel Polish From Nails – Step by Step

remove gel polish

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