How to Take Care of Colored Hair – 6 Tips

maintain dyed hair

The issue of caring for colored hair is very relevant today, because an overwhelming number of women resort to changing their appearance via dyeing hair.

Women often complain that their hair has become weak and brittle after dyeing, and the dye is washed out too quickly. These problems can be avoided by taking some proper care of the colored hair. Below you will find 6 golden rules, observing which your colored hair will look gorgeous for a long time.

Proper shampooing

It is trite, but proper hair care (especially for dyed hair) begins with proper washing. Frequent shampooing with an unsuitable shampoo is the main reason for the rapid washing out of the dye, that inevitably entails the destruction of the structure of the hair. The hair become porous and brittle.

Pay attention to the choice of shampoo – the ideal option would be a product specifically designed for colored hair and does not contain sulfates and parabens.

Those with dry hair and scalp should reduce the frequency of washing to twice a week, and those with oily scalp can wash it every other day. For more details please read the article “How to properly wash your dyed hair”.

Moisturizing hair care products

Coloring always dries the hair and breaks its structure, so it is extremely important to moisturize it regularly.

For this, the usage of the following means will be beneficial:

  • sulfate-free shampoo;
  • hair balms and conditioners;
  • hair masks;
  • leave-in sprays, oils, and creams.

All these means saturate hair of the missing moisture and help smoothing the flakes of the top layer of the hair, thus sealing the pigment inside and allowing you to enjoy your new hair color longer.

Thermal protection for hot styling

Usage of hair irons and hair dryers without thermal protective sprays or creams cause hair breakage and damage. Such means form a thin and durable film on each hair, which does not allow high temperatures to affect the hair cuticle and destroy it.

Say NO to swimming pools and saunas

Of course, this does not apply to the entire period when you have dyed hair, but to the first couple of weeks after hair dyeing. This is forbidden because hot water steam in saunas and chlorine in pools negatively affect the hair structure and contribute to a faster release of the pigment. Moreover, the latter may even cause color shade change.

Ultraviolet is evil for dyed hair

The negative effect of UV rays on human skin is well known by most people. But the fact is that UV affects hair in the same manner. In fact, ultraviolet light promotes the breakdown of amino acids, and in turn keratin. The breakdown of keratin results in brittle, dry, damaged, and dull hair. Therefore, try to protect your hair from direct sunlight. For example, wear a hat or use protective sprays in sunny days.

Use hair oils

This is exactly the kind of care that helps to smooth the hair cuticle, close its scales and preserve the pigment inside the hair. It is important to choose natural oils or its mixes with as small content of synthetic additives as possible. The most known natural oils for treating damaged colored hair are argan, coconut, macadamia, and camellia oils.

maintaining dyed hair

It is worth making it a habit to follow these 6 simple tips, and your dyed hair will continuously be full of color and life.


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