How To Increase Hair Volume With A Micro Hair Crimper

nice volumetric hairstyle

Making a nice volumetric hairstyle is always a hard task for any woman. However, there are some simple techniques, which can help a lot. One of these is a subject of our article.

This kind of hairstyle does not require lots of stuff. However, you will need some special equipment. We will tell you about it directly when it is needed.

your hairstyle to look good

If you want your hairstyle to look good and last long, you should wash your hair right before making it. Apply any masks or balms only on hair tips, so that not to burden the root zone. So, wash your hair and dry it using hair dryer and comb. Try to straighten it slightly.

The main tool we need to boost hair volume is a straightener with a “micro-ripple” nozzle or crimper. This tool is not something expensive or unique, so anyone can purchase it. However, the thing is to learn how to use it properly, so that you add some volume and prepare the hair for hairdo.

take a small strand

Let us begin. Take a small strand and use your crimper to corrugate hair tips. Try lifting the strand and pulling it upwards. Also, place the crimper perpendicularly.

make ripples

Repeat the same for all the hair. Make ripples as small as you can, so that the relief is barely seen.

check the top neatly

Make sure there are no strands that are not corrugated. Check the top neatly.

take a regular curling iron

To finish the hairdo, take a regular curling iron. Twist strands inwards for about 10-20 seconds. Make it thick enough.

pull front strands

Pull front strands and strands of the occipital area towards face. This way it will look more natural and, of course, beautiful.

apply some hair spray

Use your fingers to disassemble strands and slightly comb it. Apply some hair spray if you need it.

As you can see it now, this volumetric hairstyle is really easy to make. You can learn it from the very first time. However, any woman needs such knowledge to be able to make a more difficult hairdo. Also, such simple hairstyle looks pretty and magnificent. It takes no more than a half of an hour, but the result is outstanding.

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volumetric hairstyle is really easy to make

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