Tutorial: How To Make Marble Nails Without Water

marble nails from Ancient Greece

Marble shades always remind us of some immemorial, primordial beauty. Perhaps it all started from Ancient Greece, where temples of this stone embody the divine beauty. That is why today we will learn how to make marble nails, which will diversify and enhance your look.

If you want to do this marble manicure, you will need some special stuff. It is ok to use some alternatives – we list these items so that you know how to make it best.

Make sure you have:

  • Some base transparent nail coat;
  • Some glossy white nail polish;
  • Black and white acrylic paints;
  • Some foil or anything else to make a kind of palette;
  • Thin nail brush;
  • Transparent top nail coat;
  • Acetone and cotton swabs, as usual.

marble nails do look beautiful

These black and white marble nails do look beautiful and unique, but you will need some time and practice, if you want to achieve the best result. There is nothing hard in painting such pattern. You will see through the tutorial as your nail drawing skills get better and better. Therefore, let us begin.

put your base transparent coat

First of all, put your base transparent coat on the nail. Then cover it with one or two layers of a white polish, as you like.

put black and white acrylic

Take some foil (or whatever you have decided to use as your palette), put black and white acrylic paints on it and drip some water. Now use you thin brush to mix these colors and create grey.

draw asymmetric lines

With some help of your imagination, draw asymmetric lines on the nail to make it look like a marble stone. You ought to make some different shades of grey, so that the pattern looks natural and spontaneous.

cover the whole nail with white nail polish

Now use a white nail polish and cover the whole nail with it. This way you make lines fade a bit, so your nail does look like a marble.

continue drawing

Continue drawing, as the coat dries. It looks really nice if you draw new lines close to old, faded ones. This is just the way it is on marble stones.

make it most chaotic

The point is to make it most chaotic, as the nature does. Also, use more shades of grey to variegate it.

some white acrylic paint

Do not hesitate to use some white acrylic paint or white polish for corrections. It will merge with the coat and any mistake will disappear. When you are done and all the paint has dried, cover each nail with a transparent top coat.

your white marble nails

That is it. You have gone through the entire tutorial and now your white marble nails are ready to surprise and impress anyone.

manicure looks good

This manicure looks good with some light white clothes. It fits perfectly to both cocktail dresses and casual outfits. But what if you want some different colors? Well, then we have something more for you.

making marble nails manicure

There are many different ideas of making marble nails manicure. You may use any techniques and colors you like to diversify the whole picture. For example, this black and blue nails look more formal than previous. Combining it with all black nails makes the result surprisingly interesting and even dignified.

try out pastel color shades

If you want something brighter, try out pastel color shades. This tone is one of the most common marble colorations in nature. In addition, it does look prettily. Add some white gems to make the manicure even more appealing.

blue and purple color

This manicure is something harder to make, but the result speaks for itself. Blue and purple color conversionsmake it fabulous and even theurgical.

more passionate and provocative

And if you want something more passionate and provocative, try this one. Yellow-orange shades make the whole look of the manicure much more interesting, representing a natural beauty.

Whatever marble nails manicure you decide to use, it will always complement your beauty. As you see, a huge variety of colors makes this kind of manicure unique. Whether you are going to attend some party and celebration, or just want to brighten up a drab existence, marble manicure will help you shine anywhere, does not matter what clothes you wear.

White Marble Nails Tutorial

huge variety of colors

Source of pictures: youtube.com


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