How To Put On Red Lipstick In 3 Ways: Making Classic, Ombre And Gloss Red Lips

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Lips are the most sensational part of a makeup. Any woman wants herself to look magnificent and beautiful. Today we will learn some basic skills of applying various lipstick types.

Throughout the tutorial, you will need some equipment to apply each type of makeup. That is why we will not make a regular checklist. If you like what your lips look like on a certain step, you can stop without using more stuff.

How to apply red lipstick perfectly

First of all, let us make standard preparations. We need to paint your lips with a lip pencil, before moving on to some special makeup.

For this, you will need:

  • Powder makeup;
  • Red lip pencil;
  • Concealer or foundation;
  • Brush.

powder on lips contour

Let us apply a powder on lips contour. This way both lipstick and pencil will not blur.

use your red pencil to draw a contour

Now use your red pencil to draw a contour. There are some easy life hacks on this step. First, your pencil has to be strong and dense; also, make sure it is acutely sharpened. Second, always direct it perpendicularly to lips’ surface.

start drawing from a corner

You should start drawing from a corner and move towards center circumferentially. Try to keep the line on your lips’ relief. However, it is ok to change it, if relief fades a little.

painting lips with a pencil

As you have reached the center, start painting lips with a pencil. This way the contour will be very neat, and a lipstick will not fade.

fill it with a pencil

Continue drawing the contour for a second half. Then fill it with a pencil.

fix mistake with a concealer

If you see any mistake, fix it with a concealer (foundation). Just put some on a brush and paint it. In addition, you can use your fingers for help. It is recommended to apply it all around your lips, so that the makeup looks more volumetric.

result of pencil lips makeup

This is the result of pencil lips makeup. Now, let us make something more interesting!

How to apply red matte lips makeup

There is not much stuff you need for this one. Remember, that you can keep a previous result, if you like it. All you need for matte makeup is:

  • Red matte lipstick;
  • Flat brush.

liquid matte lipstick

Put your lipstick on a palm and take some with a brush.

shade lipstick towards edges

Apply the lipstick on a lower lip’s center. Then shade it towards edges. To paint edges correctly, use brush’s rib. Make it nice and neat.

be accurate with edges

Do the same for an upper lip. Remember to be accurate with edges.

red lips makeup looks like

Actually, now we are done! This is how a classic matte red lips makeup looks like. Keep it, if you like, or move on with us to make something different.

Making dark red ombre lips

This kind of makeup is pretty easy to make. All you need is another (darker) red matte lipstick. However, you may try experimenting with different colors, if you want to.

grab your darker matte lipstick

So, grab your darker matte lipstick and put some on your palm, as you have done before.

dark lipstick makeup

Start painting from edges and then shade it abundantly towards the center. However, do not cover the center itself.

different types of lipsticks

That is it! It may seem hard to make a nice overflow from the first try. Meaning, you will need some practice to find out how it fits you best. That is why the result may vary.

How to make red gloss lips makeup

To make a glossy makeup, you will need a transparent lip-gloss or any cream or laquer lipstick.

It is better to use a brush for applying lip gloss.

lips look more volumetric

If you paint just the lip center, your lips will look more volumetric. Also, try painting only lower lip. Experiment to find the best result.

makeup more sexy and tempting

If you paint all the lips, the makeup will be more sexy and tempting.

result is really magnificent

The result is really magnificent and bonny. Combine this glossy lips makeup with a nice cocktail dress to complement the look.

This whole tutorial is a nice and easy way of painting your lips. You do not need anything special to use (or just try) any of makeups. Combining different techniques and lipsticks, you may create your own extraordinary style both for everyday usage and for celebrations.Do not be afraid of trying all the methods. Let yourself feel like a queen!

How to apply red lip makeup step by step

how to put on red lipstick professionally

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