How To Do A French Twist Hair Updo – Step By Step Instruction

do not be afraid of learning

When you are going to a soiree, you want yourself to look gorgeous. One of the most important components is a hairstyle. Today we will learn how to do a french twist hair updo, which will make you shine.

This type of hairstyle requires some important stuff for you to have. Check out whether you are prepared before starting a long, but pleasant process of this easy french twist hair tutorial.

You should necessarily have:

  • Some good dry shampoo;
  • A saline spray for hair;
  • Hair straightener;
  • Comb;
  • Hairpins;
  • Hair spray.

You do need some special equipment for this french twist hairstyle. However, what is more important is to have a lot of free time and a bit of patience. It may be hard for you to make your hair look just like on the photo, if you are going to do it for the first time. Do not be afraid of learning. But make sure you actually have time for this (you will need more, than you might expect).

french twist hairstyle step by step

Comb your hair and apply some dry shampoo on hair ends to make it neat. Then put your saline spray on the rest of the hair. Wind some strands in the opposite direction of face using the straightener to start creating the french twist updo.

three slight curls

Three slight curls on each side should be enough.

french twist without hair sponge

Make a bouffant starting from the crown. You should take two-thirds of hair length.

messy french twist bun

After you have made a bouffant, straighten your messy french twist bun by pulling it back. Leave some strands on the temples.

big teeth of the comb

Using big teeth of the comb slightly smoothen the hair on top towards a side of the head.

base of your coiffure

Fixate the french twist hair updo with some hairpins, as you see it on the photo. Make sure these pins hold the hair properly, because it will be the base of your coiffure.

easy french twist hair

Pull all the hair back (except for the temple strands). Smoothen the surface with your comb or just fingers. You need to form some kind of a bun. Then we need to twist your hair inside. Grab them by ends and create a loop as you see on the photo.

reel up the hair tightly

Reel up the hair tightly to the head, creating an oval bun (it may look like a conch as well).

make a hair bun

This is a french twist hair bun you need to make.

fixate the bun of french twist

Use some pins (as much as you need) to fixate the bun. Simply put hairpins under the base of the hairstyle, which we have made before. Use from 4 to 6 pins.

stick the strand

Take the temple strand and apply some hair spray on its inner side. Also, put some spray on the side of the bun and stick the strand to it. This step works best for french twist medium length hair. However, you may do the same to long hair by pulling it inside of the bun.

diy french twist hair

Use a hairpin to fixate the strand completely. You may loosen some small curl on the temple.

repeat all mentioned steps

We will do almost the same on the other side. Repeat all mentioned steps, but stick the strand to the top; make it wavy. You will need more than one pin to fixate this strand.

result of french twist hair is beautiful

Now we have done our french twist hairstyle step by step tutorial. You may use some additional spray afterwards to make it more stable.

As you might see, this hairstyle is somewhat hard to perform. Nevertheless, the result is really beautiful, even fabulous. These french twist hair instructions can be used for preparations to any kind of celebrations and parties. Combine this coiffure with a nice cocktail dress and your look will make men and women exclaim in admiration.

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