How To Do A Black French Manicure

really beautiful french manicure

French manicure is a well-known and worldwide popular way to diversify your look. Today we will learn how to do a black french manicure, which fits to almost any style.

Before we begin, make sure you have everything needed for this work.

Therefore, you should have:

  • Glossy light pink nail polish;
  • Glossy black polish;
  • Transparent nail polish;
  • Stencils for french manicure;
  • Tweezers;
  • Silvery gems for décor;
  • Glue, acetone and some cotton swabs (in case you need to correct something).

Since you have these things, let us begin. Remember, black french manicure may take more time than you expect, so you ought to be patient and precise to achieve the best result.

start black french manicure

First of all, let us take the glossy light pink nail polish. You may use different tones or even colors, if you want so. It depends on the color of your skin. However, light pink one fits best for black french nails, and it is commonly used.

pink polish for french nails

Paint all of your nails (except for annular) with this polish.

paint annular with black polish

Now take the black polish and paint annular with it. Use acetone and cotton swabs if needed.

black french tip nail art

After the nail polish has dried, neatly remove one stencil, using your tweezers.

place the stencil on the nail

Place the stencil on the nail you are about to paint. At the first view, it may seem hard to be precise with this step. Do not worry; after some practice with black french nail art, you will be able to do it blindfolded.

paint the top of your nail

Take the black polish and paint the top of your nail. As you paint the stencil with some polish, it will stick a little, so it is not as hard as it seems.

you have the black french nai

Carefully remove the stencil from the nail. Here you go: you have the black french tip nails! We do not have much left to do now. Repeat the same for all other nails and go to the next step.

black french tip nail tutorial

Take the transparent nail polish and cover every nail with it, after the black polish has dried.

apply some glue on the nail

Now apply some glue on the bottom of the black-painted nail.

decorate your black french manicure

After that, take the gem or glitter you want to add to your manicure.

Place the décor on the glue

Place the décor on the glue. We advise you to use three or five little gems, as you see on the photo. Such gems look nice and are not so catchy, so they will not spoil the look of black french tip nail designs.

black french tips nails

Wait until all the glue and polish completely dries, so that the gems will not fall off.

black french nails is really elegant

The final look of these black french tips nails is really elegant and graceful. It can suit to almost any clothes.

really beautiful french manicure

Moreover, such easy to do, but really beautiful manicure is a nice way to make a boring process of painting your nails more interesting and funny.

After finishing with our black french tip nail tutorial, you may try to diversify this manicure with your own ideas. You can experiment with color tones, replace the gems with some glitter or add something to other nails. Just remember, that any manicure is an image of your inner world. Therefore, what really matters is whether you like it yourself.

Black French Tip Nail  DIY Tutorial

how to do a black french manicure


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