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bts nail design

A Korean pop band BTS is at its peak now. For those who could not resist these Asian guys we offer a bright and easy-to-do BTS nail design, dedicated to one of the band’s most famous songs – “Not Today”.

cute bts design

To create this design, we will need, along with transparent base and top coats, nail polishes of several color shades – classic white (or milky) and two gray shades (light and dark), several acryl paint shades – black, yellow and orange (or red), a thin nail art tape, and a thin brush.

create bts nail design

First, apply a base coat on all nails and let it dry. Then, cover the index finger and the little finger in light gray, while the other three fingers – in white or milky. Let them dry.

On the next step we will draw a warning tape. For this, we need a thin adhesive tape for the nail design. Form a ‘net’ in the middle of the nails of the index and little fingers. Using a thin brush, fill the cells one through one in black as accurately as possible. Dry the nails thoroughly and remove the diagonal tape stripes.

draw a warning tape

Fill the remaining cells with yellow. It is okay if the borders between the black and yellow stripes are not perfectly even – it is even more beautiful. Dry the nails and remove the top and bottom stripes of tape.

beautiful bts nail

Accurately cover the top third of the nails by a thin layer of the dark-gray polish and let it dry.

BTS nail art

Thus, almost one half of the BTS nail art is finished. Let’s move further. To draw the design on the rest thee nails, perform the following steps. Draw two careless lines with the black paint forming borders for drawing letters. Don’t take it too tightly on a thin brush: the outline should not be clear enough.

careless lines on bts-nail

Hatch the contour from the inside of the drawing with bright yellow paint using a thin brush. The yellow lines should be dense, with torn zigzag edges.

bright yellow paint

Shade the yellow lines with the red or orange paint, making thin borders between yellow and red blurred. Do not forget to dry the art at every stage.

making thin borders

On the next step use the thin tape stripes again. Apply tape stripes along the nail plate in parallel, dividing it into five parts. Paint over the second and fourth windows of the white background with the black paint. Paint both the upper and lower third of each nail, where the white background remains. Dry the nails and remove the tape.

nail plate in parallel

To make the design more voluminous, make two more narrow lines in light gray along the wide black stripes on both sides. This can be done by hand without stencils using a thin brush.

using a thin brush

Finally, let’s get started with drawing inscriptions. Draw the following with the black paint: on the thumb nail write “BTS”, on the middle – “NOT”, and on the unnamed – “TODAY”.

bts nail not today

You should not strive for perfectly straight lines: such a manicure is performed with an emphasis on cartoonishness, cuteness and brightness, rather than graphic accuracy. Torn edges and unevenly dense painting are, on the contrary, welcome here.

graphic accuracy

After it is finished, dry the nails and cover each nail with a topcoat to make it last longer.

topcoat for nail

The ideal nail art for the one from the BTS army is ready. Such a nail design will appeal to courageous and extraordinary personalities who are ready to declare their love for their idols to everyone around them. And for a concert or theme party this option will be just perfect!

BTS army

Sweet And Easy BTS Nail Art Step By Step

tutorial bts nails design

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