How Many Teaspoons of Sugar is in a Can of Coke Zero, Diet, Classic

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Coke is known to contain a whole lot of sugar. It is not new to anyone that this product takes almost first place in ‘not-to-eat-when-diabetes’. However, there are actually some variants that might be allowable. What are they?

How Much Sugar Does a Can of Coke Contain?

It is rather hard to imagine an actual amount of something, when using only numbers. Therefore, let us take one cube of white sugar as a starting point. It weighs approximately 5 grams, which is easy to count. First of all, let us consider a can of regular coke.

Official information says there are 39 grams of sugar in can of coke.

Perform some easy calculations and we end up with eight cubes of pure sugar. Impressive, isn’t it? To compare, a middle donut with some jam worth only 3.5 cubes. So, there is the question: how bad is coke?

The amount of calories in a can of coke may not seem too high with the value of 140 (read more information here). That is only 7% of your daily norm. Nevertheless, we are talking about beverage, not some sort of a dessert or any dish. That is why sugar is such as big deal here. Consuming sugar is a must-do thing. You get all the calories you need straight out of sucrose. However, even if you work out hardly every day, there is a maximum amount for you, and going beyond that is harmful.

Just a few extra cubes of sugar per day will do a massive harm per month, such as:

  • fat deposition;
  • feeling of false hunger;
  • accelerated aging;
  • getting used to sugar;
  • losing group B vitamins;
  • disorders of cardiac activity;
  • depletion of energy stock;
  • leaching of calcium;
  • reducing the strength of your immune system.

These factors are just the top of iceberg. The more excessive sugar your body receives, the worse it gets. Nutritionists claim that too much sugar may reduce immunity 17 times! Read how else regular Coke consumption can effect your health here.

It is not an absolutely bad idea to drink coke. Just do not make it regular. Control your calories and carbohydrates consumption, no matter whether you do sport or not. You can also change your favorite beverage’s flavor.

How Much Sugar is in Diet Coke?

Diet coke is made for those who do not want to give up drinking it. The amount of sugar there is almost zero (might be only shares of a gram). However, it does not mean it is ok to drink it as much as you want. There is still some caffeine, which might be as bad as sugar in large amounts. It is a good idea to use diet coke with no caffeine then. Such variant is the most appropriate.

Does Coke Zero Have Sugar?

Zero is another variant of diet coke. The only difference for a consumer might be taste. However, the amount of sugar there is the same – zero. It is also the same about caffeine here. Choose that one with no. You might also like vanilla zero, as there is no such flavor for diet one.

There is also Coca-Cola Life out there. It contains almost 50% less sugars. Moreover, it is not your regular white powder, but stevia. It is arguable whether this substance is better for heath than regular sucrose. Nevertheless, the amount of calories is still the same.

Grams of Sugar in Coca Cola Zero, Diet, Life, Classic

sugar in coke chart

Name of a product Sugar in a can (grams) Sugar in a can (cubes)
Classic 39 g ≈8
Life 24 g ≈5
Zero 0 g
Diet 0 g

Coke does contain a lot of sugar. Almost eight cubes is a significant amount, which affects your health and activity. You should keep its consumption on a non-regular level. However, if you do like it, you may get zero or diet sort instead. It is still not recommended to drink it regularly though, but the reduced to 0% amount of sugar is something really good about it.


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