Calories in Coke (Coca-Cola) – Zero, Classic, Diet, Life and Cherry

how many calories in diet coke

Coke is known to be filled with large amounts of sugar, therefore, being very calorized. In fact, this is one of the sweetest beverages, talking about pure numbers. So, how big are these numbers?

How Many Calories are in a Can of Coke?

You might have already known that coke is extremely sugared. This product is always taken as an example of what you should not consume in large amounts. More than ten percent of this sweet beverage is pure sugar. Let us make a small calculation. In average, women from 18 to 50 years old should get 2000 calories per day.


  • For example, you have eaten some scrambled eggs for breakfast and washed it down with a cup of coffee with milk. This worth approximately 300 calories.
  • For your lunch, you have grabbed a cheese sandwich and some juice. That is 400 kcal.
  • Have been having a dinner, you have eaten a dish of risotto with a glass of wine and a portion of cheesecake. 900 kcal.
  • Let us add some bakery and fruits here, to get a full picture. For example, a couple of cookies for 350 kcal and two apples for 90 kcal.

Summing up, you have consumed 2040 calories. This amount is just normal. It is what your body needs, and nothing more. Now, a can of regular coke worth 140 kcal. Therefore, if you get just one can, you are out of your daily norm. There are also some celebrations happening from time to time, where you eat more and get more calories. Then in a week, you will get a lot more excessive carbohydrates from coke. Moreover, if you like drinking more than one can of coke per day (that is only 12 oz.), you are in trouble.

With all these excessive calories, you will not only gain weight, but your immune system will be weakened. The more you consume, the more your internal organs suffer. All these calories need to be burned. If not, too much energy will affect your nervous system badly. You might lose sleep and feel depressed.

It is a great idea to drink only cool cola, as your body will spend some calories to heat it. The amount needed for such heat is not really big, but still can be significant.

Of course, there are not many people who drink cola every day. Nevertheless, the example we have given enlightens how harmful for your health coke can be. If you are used to it, consider some other variants we have described lower. They cannot be absolutely beneficial, but definitely will make it a little better.

How Many Calories Does Diet Coca-Cola Contain?

Diet coke is made for those who do not want to give up drinking cola, but still like the unique taste. There are actually almost no calories in there (0.7 per can). However, this does not mean it is absolutely healthy. There is still a lot of caffeine, which might be as harmful in large amount as sugar is. Learn more about caffeine in different kinds of coke here.

By the way, there are many flavors for diet cola, such as cherry, lime and caffeine free. Last one might be the best choice for you, if you go on a diet or just want to consume only healthy food.

Calories in Coke Zero

Coke zero is another variant of a diet type. Differences are less caffeine content and an availability of vanilla flavor. This kind of cola contains some other ingredients as well, so be sure to check it out if you have an allergy.

To be honest, coke zero is not absolutely non-calorized. There are actually 0.9 calories in a can. Such amount is not significant at all. For example, you would need to drink 200 liters of warm zero to get your daily norm of 2000 kcal.

For those how prefers stevia instead of sugar there is also coke ‘Life’. It contains less calories and no regular sucrose.

Calories Chart for Different Types of Cola

cherry coke calories

Kind of Coke Calories in a can (12 oz.) Percent of daily norm
Classic 140 7.0%
Cherry 150 7.5%
Life 90 4.5%
Diet 0.7 0.035%
Zero 0.9 0.045%

Coke is one of the most calorized drinks. The amount of energy you get from it is significantly big. However, there are some sorts of cola (such as zero and diet) that contain almost no sugar, meaning no calories. Nevertheless, give up drinking coke regularly, if you can. Calories are not the only unhealthy thing about it.


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