Let’s Count Calories in Eggs, Egg Whites and Yolks

how many calories in a boiled egg

Chicken egg is one of the most common and nutrient products. We eat them for breakfast almost every day. Therefore, it is good to know how many calories one egg contains.

Calories in a Boiled Egg – How Many?

Of course, we mostly consume boiled eggs. It is most beneficial to eat it raw, but then we cannot be sure there is no salmonellosis. Therefore, it is better to boil this product. Anyway, the amount of calories does not vary a lot.

An egg is a combination of yolk and white. Both of these parts have different content and different amount of calories, but we will talk about it later. Now we just need to understand that full egg is not like its separate parts.

The amount of calories in a single boiled egg is close to 80. That might seem big for one small thing. However, that is why it is so popular to eat it for breakfast.

You do not need to cook an egg for long; it is easy and fast to eat some; you get enough calories and vitamins to start a day.

Combine your morning egg with some oatmeal and you will get a nice amount of energy, which will be spent completely, as there is a full day ahead.

What we have mentioned is true for an egg, being boiled for 3-4 minutes. That is what we call a soft-boiled one. However, is there any difference for hard-boiled?

Hard-boiled Egg Calories: Is It Different?

Even if you boil an egg for 7 minutes and more to make it hard-boiled, it will not lose any vitamins or minerals, still being more nutrient than any meat or fish.

Talking about calories level, it may raise a bit – up to 85 kcal per one egg. That is not much more. However, there are plenty of recipes where you need only hard-boiled eggs. So, make some kind of salad or eat it just as is, three eggs for a breakfast plus some sandwich or vegetables will make your day highly productive.

How Many Calories Does Fried Egg Contain?

It is also very popular to fry eggs for breakfast. The reason is simple: this way you get a full dish, ready within 5 minutes. You can add some onion, bacon or anything you like to make it even more calorized.

The nutrition of a fried egg is on a high level, making it a nice breakfast for everyone. Especially considering that it is ok to eat it for pregnant women and babies.

Depending on how much oil and salt you add, the level of calories for a fried egg may vary. Therefore, a single one with 2-3 grams of salt (without counting oil) worth approximately 75 calories. That is a little less than boiled egg can grant you. That is because of specificity of preparation. Nevertheless, it is not a significant difference, is it?

egg calorie chart

Raw Egg Calories: Some Facts

A raw egg is almost no different from a boiled one, when talking about calories. The amount there is 157 kcal per 100 g. Why would you need to know the thing about uncooked egg? Some people, especially singers, prefer their egg for breakfast just as is. Moreover, it is widely used in sportsmen nutrition. However, there is one thing you should remember.

Uncooked eggs are really beneficial for your throat. They are also best if you want to get the highest amount of vitamins possible. Nevertheless, only special ones are good for this, due to the risk of salmonellosis. Salmonellas are easy to kill with boiling. That is why it is not recommended to consume non-boiled eggs. If you still want to, use the once grown on a farm, not those from a shop.

Calories in Egg Whites: Is It Good for Diet?

As we have mentioned, two egg components – white and yolk – contain different amount of vitamins and calories. That is why it is a good idea to consider them separate.

First of all, let us talk about whites. This thing is used by bodybuilders without yolk. The reason is the high concentration of protein, while having no fats or carbohydrates.

Due to this fact, there are also not much calories in those: only 44 per 100 grams.

Consuming whites without yolk is a part of many sportsmen diets. This way you will get many proteins needed for muscles without gaining fat at all.

Calories in Egg Yolk per 100 g

Yolk is the one high-calorized thing. There are many proteins in there, but the amount of fats is even bigger. That is why the calories level is enormous with 352 kcal per 100 grams.

Remember that the combination of both white and yolk is an indispensable source of vitamins.

Egg yolk is known for its content of fat-soluble vitamins. That is why you should not give up eating it at all. It is a good thing for those who wants to gain weight, but only in large amounts.

Some Facts About Calories in Eggs, Whites and Yolks

fried egg calories

Type of Eggs Calories per 100 g Calories in one egg (approximately 50 g)
Boiled egg 159 79.5
Hard-boiled egg 160 80.0
Fried egg 152 76.0
Raw egg 157 78.5
Egg whites 44 ≈15 (33 grams in one egg)
Egg yolk 352 ≈60 (17 grams in one egg)

Chicken egg is one of the best products for breakfast. Three of them are enough for you to get the amount of energy you need. Moreover, there are also a lot of vitamins and elements in there, meaning one egg is a source of nutrients anyone needs.


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