How Many Calories a Serving (6 oz) of Salmon Contains + Caloric Value per 100 g

calories in grilled salmon

How much calories are there in 100 grams of salmon? The answer depends on a dish. There are many ways to cook this fish, and we are going to discuss all of them to find out the caloric value of salmon.

Let’s Reveal Calories in Grilled, Smoked Salmon Fillet and Steak

Salmon is found everywhere in Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The salmon family includes salmon, trout, chinook, keta and many others. Most often, all these fishes are called salmon. However, the caloric value is may be different.

Fillet is the most popular way to buy a salmon meat. It contains a whole lot of essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs. In fact, salmon is one of the most beneficial kinds of fish. Anyway, there are 142 calories in 100 grams of fresh fillet. The amount is not really big, considering all the advantages. However, it may rise, depending on a way of cooking.

Calories in Grilled Salmon

Grilled salmon is an incredibly common product now, which is also called salmon steak. There are various ingredients and seasonings you may add to make your grill taste best, but we will consider the caloric value of pure fish.

This value is 280 kcal approximately. Due to the different time of year salmon has been fished, it may change on 5-10 digits, but not more.

As you see, the caloric value of grilled salmon is twice more that for a fresh one. It is not a surprise for those who knows something about the nutrition. Any grilled product is always more caloric. The reason is water evaporating. You just get the same weight containing much more calories.

However, the amount of vitamins is almost no different, which makes cooking on a grill a nice thing to do.

Caloric Value of Smoked Salmon (6 oz)

Smoked salmon is another popular variant of cooking. This way you get the same amount of vitamins, but different taste. First, salmon is marinated and then is kept in fridge for a day. After that, it is put in a smoker. So, what about calories?

There are approximately 275 calories in 6 oz. of smoked salmon. This amount is 1.7 times less than for the same weight of grilled one. Therefore, if you like smoked salmon and want less calories, this is a nice equivalent for you. Once again, the amount of vitamins is almost no different.

How Many Calories in Baked Salmon

Baked salmon is another nice way to cook the fish. Cool thing about it, the amount of calories is almost the same as for a fresh fillet. This means baked salmon is the best for those who is on a diet. By the way, this dish is delicious as well.

Calories in 100 g of Raw Salmon

As we have mentioned, a fresh salmon fillet worth 142 kcal per 100 grams. Depending on how you cook it, this value may rise, but will not lower. Therefore, 142 is a starting point, from where you can count how much potential energy you will receive.

Calories in Salmon Sushi and Sashimi

Sushi is an extremely popular product of Japanese cuisine nowadays. Its taste is outstanding and incomparable. However, we are not talking about rolls, as only cooked ingredients are used there. On the other hand, there are only raw ones in sushi.

Sushi with salmon is called ‘Syake’. It is made of a raw salmon fillet and rice. You may also add some spices and seafood, but the original one is just two ingredients. The caloric value of this product is 32 calories per one sushi (it weighs 25 grams).

The other popular Japanese dish with salmon is Sashimi Syake. In fact, sashimi is a chopped fish with sauce and ginger. It weighs approximately 80 grams and contains 58 kcal. It makes sashimi with salmon a dish with the lowest caloric value.

Calories in Trout Fillet: Is It Different from Salmon?

As we have mentioned, trout and salmon is the same family. However, the first one is less caloric. Therefore, a raw trout fillet worths 97 calories. This means that if you were on a diet, you would have better used trout in your dishes. However, salmon is also OK, if not eating too much.

Calories in Salmon Fillet, Sushi, Sashimi (in 100 g, 6 oz)

calorie chart for salmon fillet per 100 g

Type of salmon fillet Calories in 6 oz. Calories in 100 g Percent of daily intake for women*
(~2000 Cal)
Raw salmon fillet 241 142 7,1%
Grilled salmon 481 283 14,2%
Smoked salmon fillet 275 162 8,1%
Baked salmon 243 143 7,2%
Salmon sushi 219 129 6,5%
Salmon sashimi 124 73 3,7%
Raw trout fillet 165 97 4,9%

* Calculated for 100 grams.

Salmon is a very popular fish, used in many dishes all around the world. The reason is its vitamin and mineral filling, which is incredible. Moreover, the caloric value of salmon and trout is actually low, which makes it a nice replacement of meat. Add some salmon to your diet, so that you get a nutrient, beneficial and really tasty ration.


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