10 Ideas of Healthy and Delicious Snacks for the Office

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It is important to have something to eat at the office. Moreover, you always want your food to be healthy. Let us name Top 10 best snacks for office: tasty and healthy.

Nuts and Seeds

There is nothing more convenient as snacks than a handful of nuts or sunflower seeds. And they are extremely healthy as well. Cool thing about such products, you can basically eat some at any moment. Moreover, most nuts and seeds are highly calorized as well, so they are just enough for being snacks. Peanuts are the best, as you can eat them a lot. However, notice that for other nuts only 3-5 firsts are really beneficial.


From the very childhood, we know that an apple or a banana is the best snack ever. All the fruits are given by nature, so they are healthy and full of vitamins. However, you obviously do not want to take an orange or a pineapple at work. On the other hand, these apples and bananas are really convenient. There is no problem to carry and eat some. In addition, you can make a mix of mango, melon, watermelon and kiwi – just slice them and put in the food container. So, use any fruits you like as snacks, but make sure things do not get messy with them.

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There is hardly anything as healthy as vegetables. They contain many unique substances, such as cellulose, needed for your body. To make vegetable snacks, slice some carrots, celeries or cucumbers into sticks. It is really convenient to eat them. In addition, you can grab some cherry tomatoes, as they are naturally small and convenient.


Probably, there is no need in talking about PB&Js. This is the most basic food. That is why such sandwiches are nice as snacks. They are both tasty (you can use any jam you like) and healthy (peanut butter is actually milled peanuts). That is why PB&Js are so popular; for the easiest cooking, you get a really nice food.


Any dairy product is healthy. However, how can you take a glass of milk to the office? That is why yogurt is the best idea. It is thick enough so you can carry it easily in a jar. In addition, you can use any additives you like: fruits, berries, nuts, muesli etc. All those make yogurt even healthier and tastier as a snack.

Dried Fruits

Since some fruits, as we have mentioned, are not convenient to eat at office, you can use them dried. Mango, pear, apricot, pineapple – all those are easy to dry. Dried fruits contain many vitamins and minerals, just as their fresh analogues do. They are also small, so you can eat some anytime, just as for nuts.


These are good as snacks for being small and tasty. Moreover, cookies contain a lot of calories. You can cook them as you please, adding any flavors: chocolate, jam, nuts etc. Make sure the dough is healthy though. Use only natural ingredients: oat, eggs, butter. Add less sugar and extracts. You will need something to drink too.

Muesli Bars

These sweets are actually healthy enough to include them to our TOP. A chocolate bar with berries or muesli is full of minerals and vitamins. In addition, it is easy to carry and eat anytime. Such bars may be a really nice idea for those who does sport. Eating some, you get enough resources to spend after work.

Whole-Grain Crackers

It might sound strange, but such crackers actually work nicely as an office snack. It is healthy enough, as it contains many minerals, while being calorized good. In addition, whole-grain crackers are easy to eat. If you have a microwave oven at the office to heat them, this is a really good idea for you.

Roasted Beans

Last but not least, beans are very healthy. Almost all of them are full of vitamins and useful microelements. To make it convenient eating beans at the office, roast some. This way you can carry them like nuts. Best beans at this role are chickpeas, as they are ones of the healthiest.

Healthy Snacks for Office

top 10 best healthy office snacks

Our TOP of the healthiest snacks for office is only a variant. You can use and combine anything of the mentioned. The main idea is to make it tasty, convenient and healthy. Share with us about your favorite office snacks in the comment section!


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