Best Ideas of Healthy Kid Snacks for School Lunches

healthy easy snacks for kids

It is important to make sure your child eats enough healthy food at school. You cannot make him/her do it, but you can cook some nice and cool snacks, so that the kid does want them.

Nuts and Dried Fruits

The best thing about these, they are easy to eat. You can peel nuts for your child so that he/she does not even care about leftovers. Moreover, both nuts and dried fruits are extremely healthy snacks. They contain many vitamins needed for brain.

Fresh Fruits

There is a plenty of different variants. You know better what your child likes most. However, the best fruits as snacks for school are apples, bananas, pears etc. The main idea is to make the snack easy to carry and eat. For example, oranges are very healthy too, but you need to wash your mouth and palms after, so it is not convenient.


Perhaps, not many children like vegetables. However, you can make them look interesting and cool, so that your child likes the whole process of eating. E.g., make some mix of bell pepper, cucumbers and tomatoes; put it in a tortilla and you have a nice and easy to eat snack. In addition, it contains some calories too.

Vegetable Sticks

As it may be hard for your child to carry all those vegetables as is, you can slice them into sticks for him/her. Cucumbers, celeries and carrots are best at this role. It is really convenient to eat such snacks. However, add some grain bread, so that your kid gets enough calories as well.


Everybody likes sandwiches. You can make a variety of different ones so that your child has something to choose from. A really nice idea is a pack of PB&Js with different jams. However, you can use some cheese or sliced cold meat as well.

Oat Cookies

They are also easy to carry, like nuts. Especially if you cook them small. Cookies are tasty and kids love them. What is more important, they are easy to eat, so your child will most definitely like taking cookies as school snacks. By the way, sweet whole-grain cookies are good for brain and calorized enough.


Such products are not that easy to carry, so you will need to make a convenient packing. The best example is a yogurt. If it is thick enough, you can put some in a jar with a lid. To make the yogurt as beneficial as possible, add some fresh fruits or berries in the morning.


As it is for sandwiches, there are millions of recipes for muffins. Ask your child how he/she wants them every evening before school to make sure these snacks are eaten. You can use many different fruits, berries or nuts as additives to muffins, which make them a nice and healthy food.

Whole-Grain Crackers

Homemade whole-grain crackers. This meal can be both healthy and tasty. Just dry some bread with sesame seeds and the snacks are ready. To make it more interesting for your child, add some raisins or cinnamon to it. You can combine these crackers with vegetable sticks.

Fruit Pastilles

Homemade fruit pastilles. It is actually easy to cook some pastilles yourself. Just boil some fruits and berries with honey until it becomes a solid puree. Then let it dry for a day. Fruit pastilles are very healthy, as they contain almost the same amount of vitamins fresh fruits do. Moreover, these snacks are sweet, so your child will more likely eat some.

Healthy Snacks for School

best healthy snacks for kids

Healthy snacks are the only way can you make sure your child gets enough vitamins and minerals at school. However, you need to make them both look and taste nice. In addition, do not forget about convenience, as it is hard for kids to monitor personal hygiene.


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