10 Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas: What to Put at Your Work Lunch Box

healthy things to eat for lunch

Lunch is probably the most important eating of the day. Sadly, its time is often when we are at work, so it is hard to get something healthy. However, there are some ideas that can help!

BLATs, aka Bacon-Lettuce-Avocado-Tomato Sandwiches

Any sandwich is a nice meal when you do not have time for cooking. However, most of them are too calorized while not being healthy. That is why the described combination comes in handy. Bacon is good for its protein content. If you are a vegan, you can simply delete it from the list. Lettuce and tomato are nice vegetables, full of vitamins. Tomato is a juicy one as well. Avocado is an extremely healthy fruit.

Salmon Sandwich

The basic idea is same to a previous one. You just replace bacon with salmon. All other ingredients are free to choose. The thing is salmon is one of the most healthy fish. It contains a lot of unique minerals and vitamin in huge quantities. The fish is also delicious. That is why eating such sandwich at the office for lunch is both convenient and beneficial.

Peanut-Vegetable Bisque

Such combination might seem rather weird, but it provides you with a lot of vitamins. To cook such soup, you need to make a usual bisque (you may add vegetables or mushrooms as a main ingredient). When cooking, add ½ cup of peanut butter to 2 cups of the soup. Peanuts are known for their mineral content, and any bisque is healthy as well.

Pizza Roll-ups

Everybody loves pizza, so why don’t take it at work for lunch? Pizza roll-up is basically a rolled slice of pizza, flavored with some sauce. Therefore, just cook a pizza with whole-wheat flour tortilla to make it easier to roll it. Add any ingredients you like in your regular pizza and put some liquid sauce so that your lunch is not too dry.

Fruit and Berry Salad

Of course, nothing is healthier than a couple of fruits mixed with some berries are. This lunch idea is pretty simple. Just slice some apples, bananas, pears, mangos etc. Then add berries to this mix: raspberry, blueberry, anything you like. Sweet fruits will make the dish taste versatile, and berries are full of water. Therefore, you have a nice lunch that does not require more than 15 minutes to cook.

Vegetable and Pasta Salad

Vegetables are good for their nice vitamin content. However, a salad with vegetables only is not nourishing enough. In order to make you lunch more calorized, add some boiled pasta to the salad. You do not need to put a lot, just make sure it fits your diet. This way you get the same vitamin salad, but very nutrient as well.

BBQ Sandwich with Chicken

This meal might be too calorized for you, so make sure it fits your diet. The idea is to put some chicken meat, carrots, lettuce and sauce into a regular sandwich bun. You can even use some leftovers from chicken baking. Such lunch is very nourishing and healthy

Broccoli and Feta Salad with Pasta and Ham

Broccoli is a well-known healthy vegetable. It contains many useful vitamins. Feta (you can use another cheese, if you want to) is a source of proteins and calcium. Pasta here works as it does for a vegetable salad. If you want your office lunch to be most calorized, add some sliced ham as well. It will grant you additional calories and protein.

Chickpeas with Cheese, Bacon and Nuts

This combination works pretty well as a healthy and nourishing lunch meal. Chickpeas are very useful and contain many calories. Any cheese is a source of minerals, most importantly calcium. Bacon is functional here. Nuts (walnuts or cashew) contain many vitamins and minerals as well. Therefore, such salad has everything your body needs.

Tofu Wraps with Vegetables

This lunch idea is good for vegetarians, as it is calorized enough, but contains no meat. Tofu is rich in protein, which is extremely needed for your body in the middle of the day. To make it easier to eat, wrap the mix of tofu, sliced tomatoes, bell pepper etc. into a tortilla. It is a good idea to add some peanut sauce to make the meal most tasty and healthy.

Lunch Ideas for Work

convenient and beneficial

Lunch is a very important meal for your health. You should always try to make it as beneficial as possible, especially at the office. The mentioned ideas are all optional; you may change any recipe to make it taste good for yourself. Tell us, how you like your office lunch in the comment section!


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