Healthy and Easy Evening Snacks for Kids and Adults

easy evening snacks

Sometimes you want to eat something in the evening. Even if the dinner was superb, a couple of hours later you might feel hungry again. That is when evening snacks come in handy.

Healthy Night Snacks for Adults

what to eat as evening snacks


Any kind of cheese is good for eating in the evening. It contains a lot of proteins, but not as much fat as meat does. Therefore, cheese is useful for your body, and it will not lead to insomnia. It is also a good idea to drink some tea (banana or chamomile) with a few slices of cheese.

Apples and Pears

Both these fruits are extremely healthy. In addition, they do not contain many calories. Therefore, eating an apple or a pear as an evening snack is a nice thing for your body. This way you get a lot of vitamins to be processed during your sleep time. It is recommended to eat red ripe fruits, as green ones may be invigorating.

Fresh Berries

As previous fruits do, all the berries contain many vitamins and minerals. The other cool thing about them – they are small, so you will not get too much calories at all. Moreover, some berries are good for special reasons, e.g. blueberry has a lot of useful substances for your eyes. A teaspoon of jam is also a possible variant. You can add it to your tea.


This fruit is a good source of tryptophan – an amino acid that helps you sleep well. Therefore, a banana is nice and convenient evening snack. However, do not eat more than one, as bananas contain more than an average amount of calories.


All kinds of nuts are useful anytime, evening included. You can eat only a couple of hazelnuts, for example, to get a huge amount of vitamins. On the other hand, a small nut does not contain too many carbs, so you do not have to worry about your sleep.


As it is true for cheese, yogurt contains many proteins, while being low calorized. You can add some nuts, berries or fruits to it. Such evening snack is good for its nice and customizable taste. Yogurt refreshes your body, thus helping it to relax and get ready for sleep.

Whole-grain cereals

Some cereals are made to be eaten in the morning. However, it does not mean that you should not eat some in the evening. A bowl of cereal with milk is always a nice snack. Just make sure it does not contain too much sugar. Milk helps your body relax and cereals are best sources of minerals.

10 Healthy Evening Snacks for Kids

cooking evening snacks

Cottage cheese

We have mentioned that a few slices of cheese is a nice evening snack for adults. However, many sorts of this product are too spicy for kids. That is why it is better to give your child a cottage cheese instead. This is a healthy dairy product, full of calcium and proteins. Cottage cheese is good before bed from 3 years old.


Since apples are rather invigorating, they might disturb you child’s sleep. That is why it is better to use only ripe red ones. Such product is good as is from 3 years old. Apple is one of the most health beneficial fruits, and it contains many vitamins. You can remove the peel to make it easier to chew, so it can be an evening snack a kid can eat himself.


Talking about fruits, you can give your child both banana and apple. This way you get a full set of vitamins and substances to help your child sleep well. It is not necessary to eat more than one banana. Since it is just a snack, make sure your kid eats at least a half. This is absolutely enough for a preschooler.


In this case, everything is same as for adults. Give your child a bowl of blueberry, raspberry or blackberry before sleep. This way you will make sure he/she gets many vitamins and has something to have a bite. Children from 3 years old are very active, so they need such evening snacks.


Of course, you should not give nuts to toddlers. However, preschoolers are ok to eat some. As we have mentioned, nuts are full of useful minerals that are especially needed for child’s body. Moreover, 2-3 nuts are pretty enough for a kid in the evening.

Dairy Products (Yogurt, Milk or Kefir)

Basically, almost all the dairy are good for eating in the evening, especially for a child. Yogurt, milk or kefir are really healthy and good for eating/drinking in the evening. All the unique vitamins in these products are useful in any case. If your child does not want it pure, add some berries or nuts to the dairy.

Nut and Dried Fruit Mixes

It is often hard to make a child eat a certain product. Therefore, it is a good idea to mix some. For example, you can put nuts, berries and sliced bananas into one bowl. This way your child will have something to choose from. It is ok if he/she does not eat certain things. You just need to make sure vitamins are received.

Evening snacks may be very useful, if you make sure they are healthy. It is important to cook or prepare some in advance so that to have it at hand. For children, evening snacks are even more significant. If these are healthy, you child can get a lot of vitamins, which will be used by the body during a night sleep.


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