Benefits of Standing Desk: How it Affects Your Health and Work Activity

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You are probably used to work sitting. However, have you ever thought about standing at the desk? This thing is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Why? Let us find out!

Working at a standing desk used to be popular a century ago. Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway and Napoleon Bonaparte all worked at standing desk. And these are not the only examples. In fact, stand-up tables were much more popular in 20-th century. Even many schools made their pupils stand when studying. Nowadays, we are much more likely to sit down. Perhaps, we should learn some from our ancestors. Nevertheless, let us name why it had been so popular back then.

Benefit #1

Your muscles work better when you stand. This means the metabolism is enhanced. When you sit, most of the muscles are relaxed. This is good for a short period of time. However, sitting for too long makes muscles weaker. They are not stretched throughout the day, so you feel tired in the evening.

Even if you do some exercises after sitting, they cannot fully counterpoise many hours of being immovable.

On the other hand, when you stand, basic muscles of legs and arms work properly. They help your spine carry the weight of the body, so you will not feel too exhausted.

Benefit #2

Since we have started talking about spine, we should name another benefit of a stand-up desk. When you stand, your spine remains in a natural position. If you sit down, your back is bent (even if you sit properly). The spine gets used to such posture, so when you stand up, it hurts.

ergonomic stand-up desk


If you stand while working, your back is straight as it is meant to be by evolution.

However, notice that the posture should be proper:

  • Your arms should have a nice support. Lean them on a desk at 90-degree angle.
  • The monitor should be at eye level, 20-30 inches from eyes.
  • Knees are better bent slightly.
  • You can shift the weight of your body from one leg to another.
  • Do not wear heels when working at the standing desk.

Benefit #3

You are more active when standing. Sitting is needed only for rest. We are not meant to sit when doing something important. That is why you get lazier as soon as you sit down on a chair.

On the other hand, standing is a position of activity. All our muscles and organs work at full power when we stand.

That is why you will see a significant difference in your productivity when you use a standing desk. Just try it yourself. By the way, you can use a transforming desk that allows working both sitting and standing. Moreover, it is important to adjust the height of a stand-up desk properly.

Benefit #4

Standing means less stress. As we have mentioned, your body works just fine when you stand. That is why you get all the hormones you need in proper quantities. As the result, you will less likely feel depressed when standing.

For example, if you have made some mistake when working, your brain will try to work it out when you stand. And when you sit, it does not feel the need of doing something about it, as sitting is a resting position.

Benefit #5

Standing eliminates many health problems that occur when sitting. The most serious ones are heart diseases and diabetes. Yes, these are much more likely to happen if you spend a half of your day sitting. We have mentioned that standing enhances the metabolism. Therefore, when you sit, you blood moves slower. As the result, there might be blood clots, which lead to ailments.

The main idea is that your whole body works more productively when you use a standing desk.

Moreover, if you also do some sport, you will most probably face no serious problems up to 60 years old.

Benefit #6

You burn much more calories when you stand. As all your basic muscles work to help the spine carry the weight of the body, they need energy. That is why it is easier to lose weight if you use a standing desk. Of course, this does not mean that you will lose 10 pounds a day, but standing makes you burn 1.4 kcal per minute more than sitting.

This is 672 additional calories per 8 hours of working!

Moreover, the higher metabolism means your body is ready for doing some sports. Therefore, you will burn more calories when exercising.

Benefit #7

Standing at work makes you psychologically stronger. Standing is a position of power and will. Notice that all the famous orators pronounced their speeches standing. Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt and many more were standing when they spoke. Therefore, it is a good idea to talk with your employees at the standing desk. They will see that you are a determined person.

Moreover, even if you just work at the office at the standing desk, people around you will subconsciously feel your mental strength.

standing up at work benefits
Standing desk is truly a beneficial thing. It has many advantages compared with a sitting one. Stand-up desk enhances your metabolism and prevents many health problems. In addition, you will most likely feel how good it is by yourself from the first day of usage. Tell us about your experience in standing at work.


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