Best Natural Ways to Wake Up Easier

best way to wake up

Waking up is probably one of the biggest problems of busy people. There are so many things you have to do during a new day, you simply do not want to get out of bed. Moreover, if you have not gone to sleep in time, waking up is even harder. However, there are some things that can help you do it easier. Let us discuss what these are!

Why is It so Hard to Wake Up?

If you want to wake up easier, you should understand what makes it so hard. Even though it depends on a person, there is something common for everyone that makes us feel exhausted just when we have gotten up.

First thing to affect your sleep is a regime. A time of going to bed and a time of waking up is the most important factor. If you always go to bed in different time, your brain cannot adjust, so it cannot rest.

In addition, if you wake up differently, it is also hard for you to rest nicely, as a biorhythm is disrupted.

Secondly, if you are too busy during a day, your usual time of sleep may not be enough for you to rest and forget about yesterday problems. As a result, you wake up feeling concerned about what have passed.

Thirdly, your evening mood does affect your morning thoughts. If you have gone to bed with sad or nervous thoughts, your brain will sleep with them. Therefore, you will wake up in the same feeling of being nervous and tired.

In addition to mentioned, your diet also affects your waking up.

The thing is, when you eat some junk food, such as hamburgers, French fries or hotdogs, you receive tons of calories. Yet, you do not consume much vitamins with it. Therefore, you feel full, but your body, especially brain, do not. As a result, they cannot rest during the night, and you wake up with no energy.

Ways to Wake Yourself Up

Considering mentioned, and some other less common factors too, we have made a list of best and most effective ways to wake up easier. You should try all of the items, better together, as everything will work for everyone.

Natural Ways to Wake Up

If you want to wake up easier, you should consider some natural assistants. A loud alarm can make you get out of bed; however, you will feel bad and unrested. Therefore, try something from the list below. Of course, it is best to combine everything.

Daily Regime

It is very important for your health to have a daily regime. It affects every aspect of your life, including sleep and waking up.

When your brain knows what should be done in the morning, it can easily rest at night.

Try going to bed and getting up in the same time. In a few weeks, you will adjust, and your sleep will help you rest just enough. As a result, you will naturally wake up, no alarm needed.

Time of Sleep

When making your daily regime, consider how much time is enough for you to sleep well. Scientists claim that an adult person should sleep 6-7.5 hours per night. However, these numbers may vary. You should find out what is the exact amount of sleep time you need to wake up easily. Then, even if you do not go to bed in time, you will know that in, say, 7 hours you will wake up naturally.

Motivation to Wake Up

It is really hard to wake up when you know that you have to go to a boring work or do something you dislike. Find things that make you happy. Then, when going to bed, think about them. For example, if you know that when you wake up you will go for a walk in the park, you will truly want getting out of bed. In addition, you should think these happy thoughts in the morning too, so that to make your day start nicely.

Coffee Scent

Even if you do not drink coffee, you probably do like the smell of it. Moreover, this aroma is a refreshing one.

Ask your nearest and dearest to make a coffee in the morning or use a coffee machine with a timer.

You will easily wake up because of this pleasant and invigorating scent. If there are some other aromas that you like, use them instead. It should just be refreshing enough.


When there were no alarms, people were waking up with the rising of the sun. Its light is the best natural reason for your brain to get up. Therefore, make sure it shines through your window in the morning. It is even better if beams are on your face. You can use a special light-up alarm clock too. Instead of disturbing noises, this alarm lights up just like sun, so you wake up easily and calmly.

Think of the Waking Up Time

Your brain is truly a fabulous thing. It works even when you sleep, and works pretty effectively. There is one technique of waking up naturally that military use.

Before going to bed, look at the mechanical watch (it should be with a second hand necessarily). Tell yourself: “Wake up at seven o’clock”, for example, and look at the watch. Repeat it 3-5 times.

This thing requires training, but it is really an effective natural alarm.

Food before Bed

If you want to wake up easily and naturally, you should not eat 2 hours before bed. Moreover, the food should be healthy. Do not eat something heavy like meat or bakery. In addition, you should not drink coffee or even tea before bed, as they are pretty refreshing. Instead, it is good to eat a cottage cheese, some fruits and vegetables or drink an herbal tea. This way your body receives enough vitamins and nutrients to replenish.

Leave a Window Open

Nature wakes up with a sunrise. Birds start singing, and the outside fills with pleasant sounds of a morning. Why not use it as a natural alarm? Just leave an open window for the night. During your sleep time, there will be a fresh air in your bedroom, which makes it easier to sleep. In addition, you will hear the sounds of nature and wake up easily even in the earliest morning.

Get a Dog

Of course, it is not an obligatory advice. If you have always wanted to get a dog, there is another reason to do it.

You will have to walk your friend early in the morning, and he will make sure you wake up in time.

Therefore, having a dog is actually a nice opportunity to rearrange your regime and get used to waking up naturally.

Phases of Sleep

It is known that a sleep time of mammals has different phases. Not to dive deep into biology, there is a REM (rapid eye movement) sleep phase, when you see dreams and are more likely to wake up. Generally, the best waking up time is after these phases. They are indicated by how much time you have been sleeping:

  • 1 hour and 40 minutes;
  • 3 hours and 30 minutes;
  • Almost 7 hours.

Considering this, the best time to wake up is after 7 hours of sleep, as two previous variants are not enough to rest.

me trying to get out of bed every morning

How to Wake Yourself Up Fast

Even though it is very beneficial to wake up naturally, sometimes you just have to get out of bed as fast as you can. The mentioned methods are not as healthy and pleasant as those in the previous paragraph are. However, we have tried to make them as nice as possible, so that you could both wake up fast and feel rather lively.

Music Alarm

You can set a pleasant music on your alarm to wake up calmly. However, if you need to get up really fast, use a loud one instead. It does not mean you should set some disturbing heavy metal. Use some lively sounds that make you feel active.

Dancing music is the best here. Use something that really makes you want to dance, let yourself do some funny moves. This way you will wake up easier due to both emotional and physical lift.

Anyway, music is always better than some infamous beeps.

Place Your Alarm Far from Bed

If you have to wake up quickly, remove your alarm from a bedside table. If it is loud enough, you can even place it in another room. This way you will actually have to stand up in order to turn it off. Therefore, your brain will start working immediately. The important thing here is not to go to bed again, as you will most probably fall asleep J.

Set More Alarms

If you cannot get up after you have turned an alarm off, then you can set more alarms. To make it work, set them one after another with only one minute between. This way you will make sure you do not fall asleep before another alarm rings. If it is still hard for you to wake up, you can place a few alarms all over the bedroom.

Do not Postpone

To make sure you get out of bed immediately, make a strict morning regime.

For each activity, such as shower, breakfast etc., leave as little time as possible.

This way you will know there is no free time for lying in bed or dozing at table. Therefore, you will always wake up fast. In addition, as we have said before, some strong motivation is a nice thing to wake you up. Do some easy work in the morning, so that you have to get out of bed.

Instant Energy Food

We have discussed in a previous paragraph that a coffee scent is very pleasant and refreshing. Moreover, drinking some coffee also does help you wake up.

If it is hard for you to get out of bed immediately, use a coffee machine with a timer or ask your relatives to make coffee a few minutes before your waking up time.

You can also eat a green apple – this fruit helps to wake up; or drink a glass of cold water, which is a nice energizer. The trick is in getting some as soon as you open your eyes.

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How to Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

Waking up quickly is often very important. However, for your health, it is much more important to sleep well. This way you will not only stay healthy, but waking up will become easier for you too. Let us discover what you should do to wake up feeling refreshed and rested.

Pleasant Aromas

If you want to wake up feeling refreshed, you should care about how your sleep goes. Use some essential oils diffuser or plant some flowers in your bedroom. The pleasant aromas will help you relax and your brain will rest much easier. Moreover, it is much more pleasurably to wake up smelling something nice.

Fresh Air

No matter whether you use essential oils or not, the air in your bedroom should always be fresh. If it is too stuffy inside, your sleep will be disturbed. You will wake up unrested and will not want to get out of bed. Just leave a window open (which combines with previous paragraphs) to make your night and morning fresh.

Sleep in Darkness

Make sure it is dark in your bedroom at night. Even a small source of light can disturb your sleep a lot. As a result, you cannot rest well, as your brain stays distracted and attentive. In general, any unpleasant irritant at night is bad for your waking up in the morning.

Do Some Morning Exercises

Some physical activity can stimulate your brain and body, so that they will refresh immediately.

You do not have to do something hard; just some ‘jumping jacks’ or ‘mountain climbers’.

This way you will not only wake up immediately, but will also feel much happier and active during the whole day.

Stretch in Bed

Simple stretching and yawning stimulate the production of serotonin a lot. If you do not have to go to work ASAP, stay in bed for a couple of minutes and stretch every muscle you can. It really helps you refresh and gives cheerfulness. If you combine stretching with some exercises, the effect will be huge.

Take a Shower

If you want to feel refreshed during the day after you have woken up, take a shower. To make it most refreshing, take it in a hot water, then immediately turn a cold one on. This way you muscles will first relax and then tense. This is one of the most effective ways to wake yourself up and feel active during the whole day.

Nice Thoughts

Psychological aspect is also very important for nice sleep and waking up.

When going to bed, think about something good for at least 5 minutes. Immediately after you have woken up, think about it too.

This way you will let your brain know that everything is fine and there is no need to be worried. It will rest at night and when you wake up with good thoughts, you will feel refreshed. Therefore, your day will be nice too.

don t want to get out of bed

Waking up is always hard when you know that some work is waiting for you. However, there are many ways we have discussed that can make it easier for you. Do anything mentioned only if you find it pleasant. It is important to remain calm and happy both before going to bed and after getting up. Do not forget to tell us what have helped you most!


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