20+ Tips to Reduce Sleep Time

sleep a long time for good or bad

Sleep is very important for your health. However, sometimes it takes too much time for us to rest nicely. When we work hard for a long time, usual 8 hours are just not enough. Why? Let us find out!

Why Do People Sleep a Lot?

Every living creature needs to sleep. It is a state when your body relaxes, many functions are turned off, so that your brain and other organs could rest and restore energy for the next day. Without getting enough sleep, your mental and physical health worsen. You find it harder to solve even simple tasks, if you have not slept well for the night before. So, you do have to sleep well.

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Nevertheless, too much sleep is often even worse that the lack of it. Why is it so; shouldn’t you just rest more, the more you sleep? The thing is any sleep disorder is bad for your health, no matter whether you get more or less hours of sleep. Such disorder means your biorhythm is changed, which is always bad.

Therefore, let us name the most common reasons why you might sleep a lot:

  1. When you work too hard during the day, but do not sleep enough at night, eventually it will get harder and harder for you to wake up. You will sleep a lot more than you used to, as your body will need more rest than it has.
  2. If your daily regime is fickle, it is hard for the brain to adjust. When you go to bed in different time every day, it cannot prepare to rest, which is important. As the result, you sleep for too long, because your brain is not ready to relax in time.
  3. It is important to wake up properly, according to your sleep cycles. If you do not, you feel unrested. Therefore, fatigue gradually accumulates, meaning that eventually you will start sleeping more.
  4. Your diet does affect your sleep a lot. When you do not get enough vitamins, it cannot restore energy at night. Therefore, you sleep for longer, as the brain does not feel like it has rested at all.
  5. Drinking too much coffee or energy drinks is very harmful for sleep. You feel rather cheerful during the day, but cannot fall asleep at night. You spend too much time lying awake in bed, so when the sleep already comes, not much time is left to rest.
  6. Bad habits also disturb your sleep pattern. Drinking too much alcohol regularly makes your brain distracted. It does not know when it should rest, so when you finally fall asleep, it is hard for you to wake up.
  7. If you do nothing useful during the day, you do not feel tired in the evening. So, your body does not need much sleep, as there is almost no energy to be restored. Eventually, when you get used to such regime of doing nothing, your brain ‘hibernates’, so you start sleeping a lot.
  8. Depression disturbs your sleep a lot. You might be waking up early in the morning or sleep for too long because of preoccupation by bad thoughts.

why do people sleep a lot

Is It Good to Sleep a Lot?

Considering everything mentioned, you might ask: is it absolutely bad to sleep for long. Actually, the answer may vary. If you sleep for more than 8 hours each night, it is bad for health. However, sometimes you just need it.

If you have been working hard for a few days in a row, you will get tired a lot. Then, it is ok for you to sleep for longer in one night. Nevertheless, sleeping a lot regularly is bad anyway.

If you have spent, say, 9 hours on sleep once, you should try to prevent doing so again.

Therefore, it is bad to sleep a lot regularly. Let us consider, then, how do you stop it.

How to Sleep Less: 10 Tips

Sleep is a versatile process. As for anything in your body, it is affected by many various factors. Therefore, only a combination of them can change your sleep pattern. That is why, if you sleep for too long, you should carefully consider each and every thing mentioned below, so that to exclude any possible problem.

Sleep Cycles

A sleep pattern of a healthy person consists of 4-5 cycles that go one after another. Each cycle is a combination of two stages: Non-REM and REM sleep. First one takes almost 1.5 hours, second one – only 10-20 minutes (it is when you see dreams). Therefore, one full sleep cycle is approximately 1.5 hours.

If you want to stop sleeping for long, you should set your alarm on the time after the end of a cycle, because it is the best way to wake up for your brain.

If you go to sleep at 23.00, you should wake up at 5.00 or at 6.30, right when some cycle ends. This way you get enough amount of sleep, which is 6-7.5 hours for an adult, and wake up easily.

Daily Regime

Even if you wake up according to sleep cycles, you should have a strict daily regime. When you go to bed and get up at the same time each day, your brain can prepare for rest. Moreover, biorhythms normalize, so all the internal processes in your body go well. So, always do something in the daytime, but relax in the evening, so that when you go to sleep, you are not concerned by anything.

Think Positively

Depression is a very bad thing that affects your health more than you may think. The first process to be disturbed is sleep, as when you are concerned about something unhappy, your brain cannot rest nicely.

As the result, when you go to bed, it is hard for you to fall asleep. However, when you finally do, you are so tired that you cannot wake up in the morning.

Therefore, think positively a couple of hours before sleep. Go talk to your relatives or watch a funny video. It is really easy, but it does help you sleep well, so you will not need more than 8 hours.

Make It Convenient

It is important that your bed is convenient and clean. Your linens should be made of pleasant and healthy materials. The bed should be soft enough, but not too much. It is better if your pillows are not too big or too soft as well. All these factors affect the quality of sleep. The better it is, the faster and easier you will rest. So, you will not need too much sleep time.

Ventilate the Room

Fresh air is very important for a good sleep. If it is too stuffy in your bedroom, you will not get enough oxygen, which is needed for all internal organs to refresh and restore energy. Therefore, it is a good idea to leave a window open for the night, so that the air is clean and cool.

Use Essential Oils

There are many different essential oils that help you relax and sleep well. You should use them at night, so that to rest nicely even after a hard day. This way you will less likely sleep for too long, because the body will be able to refresh and restore energy a lot faster.

Take an Evening Bath

Another nice way to relax before going to bed is taking a warm bath (you may use essential oils too). If you want your sleep to be nice and refreshing, you should relax both mentally and physically. Nothing can help you do it better than a few minutes in a warm water.

Control Your Diet

Unhealthy food is bad for your health and your mental placidity.

If you do not consume enough vitamins, your body cannot restore at night, as it does not have all the needed resources.

As the result, you will sleep longer, as your brain will try to refresh with what it has. Therefore, eat healthy food and do not consume anything fat before going to sleep. It is also important not eat 1.5-2 hours before bed.

Do Some Exercises

If you sleep for too long, you may not get tired enough during the day. When there is a lot of energy, it does not need to be restored. That is why it is a good idea to do some sport. This way you improve your physical health, normalize your diet and simply get tired. Therefore, when you go to bed, you will fall asleep fast, and it will be easier for you to wake up in the morning.

Give Up Bad Habits

Smoking and drinking alcohol affects your health badly. Of course, it is bad for sleep to.

Bad habits disturb your biorhythms, so your brain does not know when it should rest.

As the result, you may feel tired during the day, but not able to sleep at night. This will lead to sleeping for longer sooner or later. Eventually, insomnia may develop. Therefore, give up or limit smoking and drinking.

sleep for too long
If you sleep for too long, you should reconsider your whole lifestyle. As it gets back to normal, you will notice how easy it is for you to fall asleep and wake up. Then, you will not need more than usual 6-8 hours to rest nicely.


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