When is the Best Time to Exercise: Morning vs Afternoon vs Evening

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Working out is beneficial for your health, no matter what type of exercises you do. However, it is important to choose the best time to workout, so that to make it, well, work out. Let us dig deeper in this issue!

Benefits of Working Out in the Morning

Doing some exercises in the morning is known to be good for health. Since our childhood we have been told that some workout in the beginning of the day is very important. It is indeed. Morning exercises help you wake up, refresh your thoughts, help you keep your body healthy and lively. Let us learn more about the benefits of morning workout!

Waking up the Metabolism

Metabolism is, in general, the speed of your body. The higher it is, the faster hormones are produced, so all organs, including muscles, get enough vitamins.

If you workout in the morning, you raise your metabolism significantly.

It keeps being fast for the whole day at work, so you feel better and more productive. Of course, it is good for health and losing weight.

Weight Losing

Higher metabolism means losing weight faster. The thing is, there are almost no carbs in the morning, so your body uses fat to give your muscles some energy. Therefore, even minor exercises make you burn a lot of fat. In addition, as we have mentioned, your metabolism rises for the whole day after morning workout; so, if you do some sport in the evening, it will be more beneficial too.

Tonus of the Body without Muscle Grow

Morning workout helps you keep your body in tonus for the whole day. However, it will not make your muscles grow much. There is no protein to be used for it in the beginning of the day.

So, with regular morning exercises your muscles will become fit, but will not get bigger.

It is good for those who wants to get rid of extra pounds without bodybuilding.


It is a lot easier to wake up with some morning workout. It refreshes your body and your thoughts. Therefore, you are productive for the whole day. This means you will be able to do a lot more office work than those who have just woken up, meaning there will be more free time for you in the evening.

Having Breakfast Regularly

If you do some exercises in the morning, you will want to eat. That is why such workout is good for those who do not like eating breakfast. This meal is important, but sometimes you cannot make yourself eat anything in the morning. However, you will need some energy after working out, so a nice breakfast will be desired anyway.

Growing Discipline

Working out in the morning is a good thing for you if you lack some discipline. Firstly, morning exercises help you wake up, so you will not be late for work/school. Secondly, higher metabolism means higher productivity. Thirdly, you will get used to waking up at certain time, which is nice for your daily regime.

Being in Good Mood

In fact, people who do some morning workout are much happier for the rest of the day than those who do not.

It is because exercises wake your whole body up, including brain.

Therefore, you are motivated to do something useful, because your brain knows it has to work strenuously. Moreover, you feel a lot better, as your muscles are in a good tonus.

Benefits of Working out at Night

Evening workout has some benefits as well. It is rather different from exercising in the morning though, so you should consider each variant and decide what is better for you. Do not think of working out at night as an alternative to morning exercises, because the result may vary. Why? Let us find out!

Muscles Will Grow

Unlike working out in the morning, your muscles will grow if you workout at night. There is a lot of protein in your body accumulated during the day, so it will be used for muscles at night when you go to sleep. Therefore, evening workout is good for those who wants to become stronger. Yet, if you are just trying to lose weight, morning one is better for you.

Better Sleep

Working out at night helps you sleep better. Mainly, it is because you simply get tired. However, such exercises also help you forget about daily problems and get out of the routine. It is a good idea to go jogging, considering this benefit. Anyway, if it is hard for you to get enough sleep, evening exercises will help you with it.

Stretching After Work

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, working out at night is a nice opportunity for you to stretch your muscles. This way you will make sure there are no health problems with your spine and most internal organs. If you do some exercises in the morning too, this benefit is enhanced ten times.

Losing Gained Weight

Almost all the fats and carbs you have gained during the day will be burnt after an evening workout. This does not mean you can eat anything, though. However, some extra cake will not be harmful for your figure. Moreover, an evening workout raises your metabolism for the whole night, so you lose weight even when you sleep.

Developing Motivation

It is hard to workout in the morning with someone. However, you can invite your friends to do it in the evening.

It is not only funnier, but also more beneficial.

You will most probably work at full power in front of your friends. In addition, you will motivate each other; so, the whole result will be better.

Exercising Before and After Eating: What is Better?

There is no certain answer for this question, as it all depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you want to lose some weight and not to gain any muscles, you should workout 30-60 minutes before eating. Better if you do it in the morning, as only the accumulated fat will be burnt.

On the other hand, if you eat something 0.5 hour before working out and 1 hour after, many proteins and vitamins will be used on building new muscles.

Therefore, it is better to do some exercises in the evening or midday, if you want your muscles to grow. Moreover, you should eat enough protein so that not to feel overtired.

best time of day to work out

Best Time to Work Out Depending on Exercise Type

Considering everything we have mentioned, different types of exercises require different time to workout. It also depends on what is the purpose of working out for you. Therefore, let us consider all of them.

Best Time to Go to Gym

If you want to go to gym, you should do it 1-1.5 hours after eating. This way you make sure you have enough energy for all the exercises. The best time for such workout is also a few hours after waking up, when you are refreshed and ready for a long exercising. However, make sure it is not a late evening, because you will feel too tired, which is not good for health.

Best Time of Day to Do Cardio

Cardio exercises are better to be performed in the morning. At this time you have enough energy, so you will last longer.

It is a good idea to eat an apple or some cottage cheese 1 hour before working out, but nothing more.

In fact, if you want your cardio workout to be the most efficient, make sure you are not tired before starting. Such exercises require a lot of energy, so doing them at night is a bad idea.

Best Time to Go Running

Running is good for everyone. It does not make your muscles grow a lot, but helps you keep them stretched and strong.

Therefore, there is no limitation for the time of running.

If you do it in the morning, you are refreshing your body before a hard day. Jogging in the evening helps you stretch muscles and forget about routine problems, so you sleep better.

Best Time to Lift Weights

If you want to grow some muscles, weightlifting is the best for you. To make it as beneficial as possible, perform such workout 1 hour after eating. This way you have enough resources to be spent on muscle grow. Moreover, you should eat 1 hour after as well, for the same reason.

Lifting weights is very exhausting, so you should not do it in the morning. If you feel not too tired, do it in the evening, 1-2 hours before going to sleep.

Best Time to Exercise to Burn Fat

As we have mentioned before, if you want to lose weight, workout in the morning before breakfast. This way the fat will be burnt to give you energy. If you feel too sleepy, you can eat an apple 30 minutes before starting. This fruit will give you a desired refreshment. Everything we have mentioned is not a strict set of rules. These are just recommendations.

afternoon vs evening workout

The best time of working out depends on your personal regime. So, you should find what fits you best. Just make sure you make exercising regular. If you have no time in the evening, do it in the morning and vice versa. Arrange your daily regime to make it the most beneficial.


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