How Many Calories Do Potatoes Contain?

how many calories in a baked potato

Potatoes are very popular food all over the world. They contain many vitamins and have a unique taste, which is why there are plenty of dishes with potatoes. However, what about the caloric value of this product?

Calories in Baked Potato

Baking is probably the tastiest way of cooking potatoes (or murphy, spud, tater). There is a lot of different recipes with various ingredients added to potatoes. Therefore, the caloric value of a dish depends on these ingredients.

For example, one medium sized potato, baked with skin, is worth 163 kcal. This is more than 8% of a daily norm. And we are talking about the vegetable itself.

Add some butter or sour cream, and this number will rise significantly.

If you cook a large potato with cheese and butter, you will get 357 calories per one. This number is very big indeed. Therefore, if you were on a diet that is not a dish you would want to eat. Moreover, a baked potato of a large size with sour cream is even more calorized with 483 kcal.

So, one large baked potato is enough to fulfill almost 20% of your daily intake. However, you will probably eat some medium sized, so that to control the caloric value better.

The same baked potato with sour cream, but a medium one, is worth 279 kcal.

That is not that much, so you can actually eat a few. However, if your diet is tougher, you should use small tater.

Small size lets you add something more interesting to a dish than butter or sour cream. For example, you may bake murphies with some beans. Then you will have approximately 150 kcal per one potato, depending on what beans you use.

Boiled Potato Calories

Even though baked spud is extremely tasty, and there are many recipes with it, you should not eat this if you are trying to lose weight. Perhaps this dish can replace baked one in your ration. Nevertheless, 100 g of potatoes, boiled with skin are worth 165 calories. However, skin itself takes almost a half of this number. Therefore, flesh only is worth 87 kcal, which is an acceptable option.

How Many Calories are in a Jacket Potato?

Jacket potatoes recipe is almost similar to a baked one. However, the technology of cooking is rather different. That is why jacket ones are less calorized.

Thus, one medium jacket potato is worth 155 kcal, which is absolutely good. However, it is still not recommended to eat this meal on a diet, as it contains a lot of fats and starch.

The same jacket potato with tuna (which is a popular dish – you can find it in many restaurants) is worth 248 calories, which is much more. On the other hand, this one contains much more vitamins (thanks to tuna).

 Calories Roasted Potatoes Have

Roasted potatoes are perhaps the most popular ones. There is nothing that can compare with the unique taste of them. You do not even need to add anything except some onion to make the dish perfect. However, this tasty meal is extremely calorized as well. Even if you roast a medium tater in olive oil (which is not as fatty as a sunflower one), you will get no less than 332 kcal. That is a huge caloric bomb, and it is forbidden to consume during diets.

How Many Calories Do Fries Contain?

Fries have no significant difference from regular sliced potatoes. However, first ones are usually cooked in a fryer, which makes them contain even more calories.

If you make some French fries at home, they may contain 150 calories per 100g and more.

McDonald’s have French-fries in small, medium and large servings. These contain even more calories. To compare, medium ones weigh 117 g and have 378 kcal. That is 2.5 times more than for homemade.

mcdonalds fries calories

Calories in Potato Chips

Chips, even though they are made of murphies, are by far an independent meal. This product is so popular all over the world, perhaps every single person on Earth has ever tasted it. Nevertheless, you should have probably guessed they chips are extremely caloric.

Ones you can make at home in a fryer contain 532 kcal per 100 g. That is without counting any additives, like spices or onions.

You can also make chips in oven to get less calories, but the difference is not significant.

Lays chips contain almost the same amount of calories, which is pretty nice for them, considering all the preservatives they have to add to their products.

How Many Calories are in Mashed Potatoes?

Mashed potatoes are probably the meal you can eat on a diet. They contain 113 kcal per 100 g, which is almost the lowest amount among all other dishes we have considered. And that is with butter and whole milk included. Moreover, mashed ones are much more beneficial for health than roasted or baked ones.

KFC’s mashed potatoes and gravy meal is slightly more calorized with the amount of 120 kcal. However, the difference is no big.

Calorie Content in Roasted, Baked, Boiled Potatoes (100 g)

Baked Potato

Size Calories per 100 g Calories in 1 potato % of daily calorie intake (% DCI)*
Small 94 130 6.5%
Medium 94 163 8.2%
Large 94 282 14.1%

Baked Potatoes With Beans

Size Calories per 100 g Calories in 1 potato % DCI*
Small 109 150 7.5%
Medium 109 189 9.5%
Large 109 327 16.4%

Boiled Potato

Size Calories per 100 g Calories in 1 unit % DCI*
Small 87 120 6.0%
Medium 87 151 7.6%
Large 87 261 13.1%
Boiled potato skin 78 3.9%

Jacket Potatoes

Size Calories per 100 g Calories in 1 potato % DCI*
Small 90 124 6.2%
Medium 90 155 7.8%
Large 90 270 13.5%

Jacket Potato with Tuna

Size Calories per 100 g Calories in 1 potato % DCI*
Small 143 197 9.9%
Medium 143 248 12.4%
Large 143 429 21.5%

Roast Potatoes

Size Calories per 100 g Calories in 1 peace % DCI*
Small 192 265 13.5%
Medium 192 332 16.6%
Large 192 576 28.8%

French Fries

Name of a product Calories per 100 g Calories in 1 serving % DCI*
Homemade 150 7.5%
McDonald’s (small) 323 229 11.5%
McDonald’s (medium) 323 378 18.9%
McDonald’s (large) 323 497 24.9%

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Potato Chips

Name of a product Calories per 100 g Calories in 1 bag % DCI*
Homemade 532 26.6%
Lays (80 g) 520 416 20.8%
Lays (160 g) 520 832 41.6%
Lays (500 g) 520 2600 130.0%

Mashed Potatoes

Name of a product Calories per 100 g Calories in 1 potato % DCI*
Homemade 113 5.7%
KFC’s 120 6.0%

* Percent of daily calorie intake for women (2000 Cal according to USDA).

Any meal made with spud is rather tasty, but the percentage of calories in the vegetable itself is too high. Only mashed and boiled potatoes are acceptable to eat during a diet. However, even these are not recommended due to starch being too hard to digest.


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