Calories in Rice (White, Red, Brown, Jasmine, Basmati) (per 100 g, 1 cup, a bowl)

calories in cooked brown rice

Rice is known to be a worldwide famous cereal. This product is used in many dishes of international cuisines. However, how much calories does this delicious cereal contain?

Calories in Brown Rice

Rice is a genus of herbs from the family of cereals. This plant is thermophilic and a sun-loving, but it does not grow in a too hot climate. Wild-growing rice is found on all continents, in addition to the European. Almost half of the world’s population use rice as a main food product.

There are six times more fats in brown rice, but the amount of carbohydrates is lower. That is why there is almost no energy difference between white and brown sorts.

In Asia, mainly children and the elderly eat this brown cereal, while in Europe and America it is appreciated by those who advocate a healthy lifestyle, as its content has more nutrients, compared to white rice. Nevertheless, the caloric value of brown rice is a little less with 331 kcal per 100 g.

How Many Calories Does a Bowl of Brown Rice Contain?

If you like the cereal, you will mostly eat it as is. Therefore, you will need a caloric value of a single bowl. Without any seasonings, as well as supplements, a bowl of brown rice (≈350 g) worth almost 1125 kcal. That is a big amount. However, this number is taken for a raw cereal. There are much less calories for a boiled one – 374 kcal.

Calories in a Cup of Brown Rice

It is convenient to count cereals by cups. This way you know how much you are going to cook, and how much calories you will get out of a served meal. For raw brown rice, there are 580 kcal in a cup. Easy calculations will get us to the amount of 190 kcal for a boiled rice.

How Many Calories are in White Rice?

We have mentioned before that white rice has almost the same caloric value to a brown one. That is almost 350 Cal per regular 100 grams. Carbohydrates take this amount completely, whilst there are only 0.7 percent of fats. It makes this white cereal a very nice food for consuming on a diet.

Calories in a Bowl of White Rice

One bowl of white rice is an extremely popular dish in Asia. Eastern culture has many traditions and customs related to white rice. Therefore, before going to China or Japan, make sure you know that there are 1170 Cal in a bowl of raw rice. If being cooked, this number lowers to less than 400.

Calories in 1 Cup of White Rice

For those who cook it for a family and measures cereals by cups, there are a little more than 200 kcal in a single one of a boiled white rice. Such amount is not too much. You can add some meat, vegetables or seafood without any harm.

Calories in Basmati

Basmati is a fragrant variety of long-grain rice. It is grown in the only place on earth – in the north of India at the foot of the Himalayas. Due to special climatic conditions that cannot be repeated anywhere else in the world (gentle sun, crystal clear water of thawed snow of the Himalayas and fertile soil), its taste and nutrient properties are unique.

Basmati contains even less fats than a white rice does – 0.2%. This means it is a nice variant both for going on a diet and for doing sport.

There are more than 320 kcal per 100 g in basmati. Not much less than for a white sort. However, if you boil it, it gets to less than 90 kcal. Isn’t that a low content? Even oatmeal cooked with water has more.

Calories in Jasmine Rice

Jasmine is another unique sort of long-grain rice. It has such name due to its pure white color, which reminds jasmine flowers. This genus comes from Thailand, so, you can often hear it being called a Thai rice.

Grains of jasmine have a natural subtle aroma. Something in between honey-milk and flowery-spicy notes.

It has the same amount of fats as a basmati one does, and almost equal amount of carbs. Therefore, the caloric value of jasmine is not much different and equals to 330 kcal. A bowl of cooked jasmine rice worth 375 calories. To compare, a basmati one is 362 kcal. Difference is not significant. Therefore, you can choose the one you like more between these two.

Calories in Red Rice

Red rice takes a special place in a large family of rice crops. The historical homeland of the red grains is Iran. However, nowadays it is cultivated in other countries of Asia and Near East.

When being cooked, this red crop undergoes non-significant thermal processing because of its thick natural coat. Some cuisines even serve it raw.

Talking about calories, red rice has the highest number. It can rise up to 370, depending on some circumstances of a harvest. A cup of cooked red rice worth more than 210 kcal, which is a big number comparing to previous sorts.

Calories in Cooked and Uncooked (Raw) Rice (in a Bowl, in 1 Cup, per 100 g)

calories in cooked white rice

Name of a rice Calories in a bowl Calories in a cup Calories in 100 g Percent of daily intake for 100 g
Brown rice 1125 579 331 16,6%
Brown rice (boiled) 377 194 111 5,6%
White rice 1170 602 344 17,2%
White rice (boiled) 394 203 116 5,8%
Basmati 1095 564 322 16,1%
Basmati (boiled) 303 156 89 4,5%
Jasmine 1125 579 331 16,6%
Jasmine (boiled) 374 193 110 5,5%
Red rice 1231 634 362 18,1%
Red rice (boiled) 333 172 98 4,9%

Rice is a nice nutrient cereal, which has a unique taste and an average caloric value. You can choose between different sorts, and eat it even during your diet. However, you will need to control the amounts then. Nevertheless, any variant of rice we have discussed is an outstanding kind of meal, used in many dishes and as is.


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