Benefits of Coconut, Brown and White Sugar and Disadvantages for Health

is sugar bad for health

Sugar is probably the most known component of any meal. It is used everywhere in cookery, because sugar is, basically, sucrose. This substance is a main source of energy for your body. And is it any beneficial or should we consider sugar as a bad thing? Let us look closer!

The Main Benefit of White Sugar: It’s a Huge Source of Energy

You would not be able to live a day without sugar. As we have said, this white powder is a source of energy. When it gets to your stomach, sucrose melts and splits into fructose and glucose. These elements get absorbed in blood. This way you get some calories, which your body burns to use in muscles work.

It is needed to be said that non-used calories quickly turn into fats to be stored in body. That is why those who eat too much sugar without working out gain weight quickly. However, it is impossible to burn a lot of sugar, even if you run marathons every day. Therefore, you should control your diet.

Anyway, let us make a short list of the most valuable advantages and disadvantages of white sugar.

What is Good in White Sugar?

  • Sugar increases blood circulation in the brain and spinal cord. So, without it some sclerotic changes may occur.
  • White substance significantly reduces the risk of damaging blood vessels with plaque, which means it prevents thrombosis.
  • People who do not consume enough sugar are much more vulnerable to arthritis.
  • Sugar helps to regulate liver and spleen. That is why doctors recommend people with diseases of these organs to go on a special sugar diet.

What is Bad in White Sugar?

  • Sweet spoils the figure. Sugar is a very high-calorie product, but it practically does not contain any vitamins, fiber or minerals. Just a lot of carbohydrates, which are converted into fats really fast.
  • Refined sugar, unlike complex carbohydrates such as potatoes, is quickly absorbed by the body and causes an instant increase of glucose level.
  • Glucose is a ‘fuel’ that is needed for muscles work, organs and cells of the human body. Nevertheless, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle and the body does not manage to use up that much fuel quickly, it sends excess glucose to the ‘fat store’. That is an excess pressure on the pancreas.
  • Sugar is harmful to teeth; it contributes to the formation of caries. When combined with plaque, sugar increases the level of acidity in mouth. The acid corrodes tooth enamel and caries begins.

As you see, it is hard to say whether white sugar is good or bad for health. It does not have any vitamins or minerals, but without it, we would not have any energy. Then what about other kinds of sugar?

Benefits of Coconut Sugar and What is It Actually?

Coconut sugar is a product that is made from coconut palm juice. This kind of white powder has a pleasant taste, similar to the taste of caramel. However, is it any better from its beetroot analogue? Useful properties of coconut sugar are caused by its valuable chemical composition.

Coconut sugar contains potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, vitamins B3 and B6. Therefore, it is the most beneficial kind of sugar.

Refined white sugar, when being processed, loses all useful substances, so it is able to provide the body only with calories. It has been proven that sugar in excess consumption worsens the activity of the cardiovascular system, because it leads to a deficiency of thiamine and to degeneration of heart muscle tissues. Sugar, like all carbohydrates, is absorbed through the participation of B vitamins. There are no vitamins in white sugar, so it has to extract them from the body. There is no such problem with coconut one.

Very often sugar is called ‘stress food’. The fact is that this product belongs to stimulants. Sweet consumption leads to pressure and breathing frequency increasing, person feels himself in suspense.

The glycemic index of coconut sugar is 35, which is considered as the lowest among such products.

A high glycemic index raises blood sugar levels, causes a sharp release of insulin. This hormone converts carbohydrates into fat. The use of coconut sugar instead of the usual sweeteners will help to control the weight, as well as the level of cholesterol. Summing up, coconut sugar is a nice and healthy equivalent if white one. It can deal some harm only if you have individual intolerance.

which sugar is good for health

Benefits of Brown Sugar OR Are There Any?

Nutritionists and physicians criticize statements about the indisputable benefits of brown sugar for the human body. In some researches, it was found that frequent eating of brown sugar could cause similar harm to human health as well as other varieties of the product. Since brown cane sugar belongs to unrefined grade, the chemical composition of this product contains a large number of different impurities.

The benefit of brown sugar lies in the vitamin-mineral composition of the product. It contains a number of vitamins, as well as naturally beneficial compounds. However, it is worth remembering that replacing white sugar with brown will not become a panacea for obesity or the fight against excess weight.

Brown sugar does contains some vitamins, but the amount is not that big. In addition, it is as calorized as white one. Therefore, the only significant reason to replace white with brown is taste. If you like it, use it, but remember that there is almost no difference.

Sugar Free Diet: Is It Good or Bad for Health?

There is a popular sugar free diet that is claimed to be a nice one. The thing is you just do not add sugar anywhere. In addition, this diet forbids eating sausages, cheese, condiments, semi-finished products, canned food and bakery products.

However, is it actually beneficial:

  • During such nutrition, human body is cleansed of toxins. In this case, you lose excess water, which is accumulated over years. Therefore, you can get rid of any swelling.
  • You will get used to eating healthy food and likely will not eat much sugar when the diet is over.
  • The amount of sugar in your body normalizes. Therefore, your metabolism will be restored, meaning you will continue to lose weight even after the diet.
  • The main disadvantage of this diet is a state of stress for the body. You will have to give up your favorite products.

Nevertheless, sugar free diet is not a bad idea, if you do not use it for too long. No matter what, ask your doctor whether it is ok for you to refuse consuming sugar.

Is sugar completely beneficial for your health? No. Is it harmful for the body? Also no. It is impossible to say whether any product is good or bad. It is just what it is. Sugar is sucrose, which our body uses to get energy. We would not be able to live without it. However, too much of energy is, obviously, not actually good. So, you should simply control your nutrition and eat just enough amount of sugar, but no more.


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