How Many Calories are in a Banana, Banana Chips and Smoothie (Shake) (per 100 g)

how many calories in a banana

Banana is a worldwide famous and very popular berry. You can eat it as is or add to some desserts. Moreover, there are even some spices with its content. Therefore, is a good thing to know how many calories one banana contains.

How Many Calories are in a Banana?

There are many sorts of the fruit (actually it is a berry, but for most of people it is ok to call it as a fruit), and calorie content depends on it. Moreover, green babanas are less caloric than ripe ones. However, the most defining criteria is size. Therefore, we will consider how caloric small, medium and large bananas are.

Calories in a Large Banana

Saying ‘large’ we mean that it weighs more than 250 grams. That berry can grow that big depending on many circumstances. For example, if there were no rains and just warm sun for a couple of month, the friut will be large. However, let a heavy rain strike with a storm, and the size will be significantly less.

Long sunny days provide banana trees with a good environment for growing as big as it can. Fruits receive many vitamins and nutrients, meaning many calories.

One large banana, however, is worth approximately 145 calories. That is not a big number, considering that that fruit itself is a caloric one. The thing is all the calories are spread in a large size.

How Many Calories Does a Medium Banana Have

Medium-sized bananas are most regular. Mostly every fruit you find at your local grocery has that size. The caloric value may vary, depending on when the sweet food was torn off. It starts from 60 and rises up to 110 kcal per 100 grams. On average, it is 85 kcal.

One medium banana weighs 130 grams, that takes us to 103 kcal. The analogous amount of raspberries has only 65 calories.

Calories in a Small Banana

Small bananas, or so-called mini ones, are known to be more sweet and sugary. The amount of calories they contain is bigger than for medium or large fruits. It is 90 kcal per 100 g. An average weight of these tiny yellow sweetness is only 45 grams.

There are not that much calories in a single one. However, you will not notice to have eaten 3-5 mini bananas. That is why you should be careful with it. Little pigeons can carry great messages, and those messages are pure sugar. But it’s important to remember that beyond the calorie content at that case you’ll find the whole fountain of vitamins and nutrients in a banana.

Calories that Banana Chips Contain

We have mentioned that the caloric value of this unique berry depends on the time of the harvest. When these kind of chips are cooked, usually overripe ones are taken. Moreover, it is put in an oven to be dried. Add some palm oil and syrup, and you end up with a caloric bomb.

100 g serving of regular banana chips (no matter whether cooked at home or bought at supermarket) is worth 520 kcal.

That is a huge amount, meaning you should not eat a piece when going on a diet. Moreover, there are not much vitamins or nutrients in the chips.

Let’s Count Calories in Banana Smoothie And Shake

Banana smoothie is a popular beverage. It is cooked with fresh fruits and milk only. Therefore, there are many nutrients and vitamins, while not that much calories. 100 grams (which is approximately 100 ml) are worth 78 calories. The reason is milk, which is less caloric.

As for shake  – there is almost no difference between smoothie and shake, when talking about calories. First one contains more foam; that is why there is a less share of carbs. On the average, banana shake weighs 87 kcal. That is more than in a smoothie, but not significantly.

Name of a product Calories in 1 portion (400 g) Calories per 100 g Percent of daily intake for women (2000 cal)
Banana smoothie 312 78 3.9%
Banana shake 348 87 4.4%

Number of Calories in one Large, Medium, Small Banana + in 100 g

calorie chart per 1 banana

Name of a product Calories in 1 banana Calories per 100 g Percent of daily intake for women (2000 calories)
Large banana 145 60 3.0%
Medium banana 103 85 4.2%
Small (mini) banana 41 90 4.5%
Banana chips 520 26%

Bananas are unique and tasty fruits. One single banana contains a lot of calories (considering it is a fruit). However, there are many vitamins in there. This means it is ok to eat one banana or drink some smoothie even if you go on a diet. By the way, there are many cool recipes of banana desserts. Share with us, if you have some ideas!


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