How Many Calories are in Chickpeas or Garbanzo Beans or Bengal Gram?

how many calories in garbanzo beans

Chickpeas are widely used in vegetarian culture as a caloric replacement of meat. These beans are actually healthy and beneficial, but what is the exact amount of energy they contain?

Canned Chickpeas Calories

There are various ways of cooking garbanzo beans. It depends on how you like it, but one thing is true indeed: raw chickpeas are extremely calorized. Of course, there are black and green sorts that do not contain that much, but still a lot of vitamins and nutrients.

One cup of regular white chickpeas is worth 945 Kcal. This is a half of your daily norm, so you will not want to eat that much.

The easiest and somewhat popular way of cooking Bengal gram is taking it from cans. Manufacturers use different spices and marinades, so you can find the one you like. Talking about calories, we will consider only chickpeas themselves with no additives.

One cup of canned garbanzo beans is worth only 139 Kcal. That is much less than for a raw one.

There are also green and black sorts of chickpeas. Even though being raw these two are much lower calorized (like three times less), when you put them in a can, caloric values do not change much. Thus, canned green chickpeas are 102 Kcal, and black ones are 125.

Calories in Boiled Chickpeas

Boiling is a popular way of cooking anything, and chickpeas are no exception. The most famous dish made with garbanzo beans is hummus. It is a puree with some spices. Made with white chickpeas, hummus is worth 167 Kcal, which is a moderate amount for a second course.

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You can add boiled Bengal gram to any other dish. There are plenty of salads and garnishes that chickpeas makes taste only better. If you do so, you should know that one cup of it is 410 Kcal. Make it with green or black beans, if it is too much for you.

Calories in Roasted Chickpeas

You can use any kind of canned chickpeas to roast it. Such meal will be more calorized, since you will need to add oil and stuff, but the nutritional value will stay on a high level. If roast your garbanzo beans with some vegetables, a lot of health benefits are guaranteed.

It is recommended to roast black or white chickpeas. Green ones are not forbidden, but the taste will not be that rich. 100 grams of roasted white Bengal gram contains almost 200 calories. Remember that we do not count any spices, oils and other ingredients. This means roasted chickpeas have a high caloric value, so you need to keep an eye on how much you consume. It is easier with black ones, as there are only 177 Kcal for them.

Dried (Raw) Chickpeas Calories

For sure, you might want to dry some raw chickpeas. This way you will be able to cook something nice for the whole year and even more.

Drying makes caloric value of garbanzo beans rise a bit.

That is true for any kind of pulse. Therefore, you can basically keep this product the same for a long-long time. One cup of dried black chickpeas, for example, is worth almost 850 Kcal.

Chickpeas Calories Chart

White Garbanzo Beans

table of calories in 100 g of chickpeas

Name of a product Calories per 100 g Calories in one cup Percent of daily intake for women*
Raw chickpeas 378 945 47.3%
Canned chickpeas 139 348 17.4%
Boiled chickpeas 164 410 20.5%
Roasted chickpeas 193 483 24.2%
Dried chickpeas 380 950 47.5%

* 2000 calories. According to USDA.

Green Garbanzo Beans

Name of a product Calories per 100 g Calories in one cup Percent of daily intake for women*
Raw chickpeas 132 330 16.5%
Canned chickpeas 102 255 12.8%
Boiled chickpeas 108 270 13.5%
Roasted chickpeas 113 283 14.1%
Dried chickpeas 141 353 17.7%

* 2000 calories. According to USDA.

Black Garbanzo Beans

Name of a product Calories per 100 g Calories in one cup Percent of daily intake for women*
Raw chickpeas 337 843 42.1%
Canned chickpeas 125 313 15.7%
Boiled chickpeas 157 393 19.7%
Roasted chickpeas 177 443 22.2%
Dried chickpeas 335 838 41.9%

* 2000 calories. According to USDA.

Chickpeas are a nice caloric replacement for those who does not want to eat meat. However, this product is tasty and unique, meaning anyone should try it for ones. One thing you need to do is keep a track of calories you consume, because with Bengal gram it may be difficult.


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