Eye Makeup Tips: How To Do A Nice Cat Eye Makeup

cat eye tutorial

There are plenty of eye makeup ideas in the Internet. You can find many various ways and techniques of diversifying your look. However, we believe that simple ones look best.

If you want to apply such simple makeup correctly, this tutorial will really help you.

make sure you have everything

Before we begin the work, make sure you have everything mentioned in the checklist. There are not much stuff you need. Actually, most women already have it in their beautician.

All you need is just:

  • Two brushes in different sizes;
  • Black soft eyeliner pencil.

Yeah, that is it. This is why this tutorial is so easy-to-do. However, try making everything according to the DIY, as this technique is the basement of any eye makeup. You ought to know it perfectly.

touch up your eyelash roots

At first, touch up your eyelash roots with a soft pencil. Lift the eyelid while doing it. It is not necessary to make the line smooth on this step. All we need is to leave no space unpainted.

go through eyelashes with your pencil

Try to accurately go through eyelashes with your pencil and paint everything there. Just lift the eyelid a bit higher to do so.

thicken the line

Now thicken the line and paint it beyond the eye. Do not go too far on this one. Make a nice neat figure. You will be able to touch it up further.

let us draw the eyeliner itself

So, let us draw the eyeliner itself. Use your brush to find the best direction, as we do it on the photo. To achieve the best result, try putting it right on the eye’s corner. The eyeliner should not turn too low, as the whole makeup will look bad and your sight will seem squint.

draw the shade

Neatly draw the shade of your future eyeliner.

use your brush to correct

Then use your brush to correct and shade the line. Make the end of eyeliner sharp. Also, you may fix all the line like this.

apply a bigger brush

Now apply a bigger brush to paint the line up to the inner corner of the eye.

apply the pencil to the brush

If you want to make your eyeliner darker, apply the pencil to the brush. Doing so, you may achieve many different shades. Try experimenting and find out how you like it best.

paint the eyeliner with a brush

Paint the eyeliner with a brush. When using it, always hold a brush like this. This way you can control the process. Therefore, you do not risk spoiling the work.

paint the lower eyelid

If you want to get cat eyes effect, apply a pencil on a brush (as we have done it before). Then paint the lower eyelid, slightly shading it down.

perfect winged eyeliner is ready

Now we are done, and your perfect winged eyeliner is ready to amaze everyone!

Eye makeup is, probably, the most important one. Nice and beautiful eyeliner makes your sight magnificent and coquettish. That is why such knowledge is so important. You may use this tutorial in future to help yourself make any makeup easily and prettily. So, try to experiment and do not hesitate telling us about your own ideas. Perhaps, some of them will change all makeup fashion!

How To Do Cat Makeup With Eyeliner Fast And Easy

how to do cat eyes
Source of pictures: youtube.com


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