How to Choose Comfortable Heels & Most Comfortable High Heels

comfortable heels for women

High-heels are one of the iconic labels of fashion. Such shoes can make you look elegant and even more beautiful than you already are. So, how to make high-heels comfortable for your feet?

How to Choose the Height of Heels?

When buying high-heels you need to decide what kind of heels you want and what height should they be. There is a plenty of different variants, each is unique and fits different occasions. For example, if you need shoes for an evening party, you probably want them being high and elegant. On the other hand, it is hard to walk all day with them, so, you need something different for an everyday use.

First of all, make a choice on what type of heels you like the most. There are 10 dissimilar variants. However, do not be scared of such diversity.

Just look through the list below and you will most probably find the name of what you need:

  1. Kitten Heels. These are popular for their subtlety and cuteness. Such heels are not hard to wear for a long time. Still, they make your legs look thinner, so you can wear them both with a dress and with jeans.comfortable heels for work
  1. Such shoes are one of the most popular high-heels. The heel, however, is usually wider, and the height is 2-3 inches. These are good for parties, but if you are a pro, might fit your everyday outfit as well.high heels for pregnant ladies
  1. These are the highest. Heels themselves are rather thin, and may reach up to 9 inches. Stilettos are often made with platforms, as the height is pretty for foot pain
  1. Ankle Strap Heels. These shoes might be a good choice for you, if you find it hard walking in high-heels. This is due to the strap that encircles the ankle. The height of heels may vary, though.high heels for girls
  1. Wedge Heels. Such shoes are different from all we have discovered so far, as heels are represented by a whole platform. This makes them both comfortable and elegant. However, if the roads in your city are covered with paving stones, it will be hard to walk in wedge heels. They are only good for flat surfaces.heels for pregnant women
  1. Cone Heels. These in particular are more convenient than regular heels, as the heel is going wider up to the sole. It makes these shoes easier to with heels
  1. Sling Back Heels. The principle is same to ankle strap heels. It is just the strap that goes around the back of your leg. Still pretty comfortable to choose the height of heels
  1. Such heels are what you need for summer. They are convenient, as your foot will be covered fully, but the height may vary, so make sure it is not too much for you.the most comfortable shoes
  1. French Heels. These might look like kitten heels, but with various heights. Their feature is a short curve to a heel. Might be comfortable or not much, but the style is somewhat interesting and unique.comfortable high heels for flat feet
  1. Chunky Heels. These have a wide heel; therefore, they are much more comfortable. Use them if you do not want balancing on those stilettos.comfortable heels for standing all day

Considering a huge variety of heels, it is not hard to choose ones that fit you best. However, style is not the only thing important. You should also be worried about healthiness of each.

A foot in high-heeled shoes takes an unnatural position. The support is shifted, mainly to the front of the foot. Normally, your sole performs a spring function, protecting spine from pushes that can damage it. When walking in high heels, this function is impaired. Each impulse has a destructive effect on musculoskeletal system.

The most common health problems after wearing high-heels are:

  • Cones and deformation of bones;
  • Edema;
  • Thrombophlebitis;
  • Transverse flatfoot;
  • Arthritis;
  • Varicosity;
  • Displacement of vertebrae;
  • Displacement of internal organs.

Therefore, the lower the heel is the less harmful effect it deals. However, there is nothing bad in wearing high-heels for short periods of time. You can use them for parties or dates, but it is highly recommended not to make them your regular footwear.

Should You Wear Heels When Pregnant?

Wearing high-heels makes your center of gravity lean forward. The same happens due to pregnancy. Therefore, combining these two factors may be extremely harmful for your health, especially on late pregnancy. It may even lead to irreversible changes in your gait and spine.

However, flat shoes are as harmful as high-heels are, as they make your feet strain too much. So, the ideal variant for pregnant women is wearing some short heels, such as kitten or French ones.

Is it OK for Children to Wear High-Heels?

Considering everything mentioned, children should not wear high-heels at all. The spine continues forming up to 16 years. Therefore, regular wear of heels before this age may lead to rachiocampsis.

However, you may let your 12-year-old child try wearing heels for no longer than a couple of hours (for example, at a birthday party), but make sure this does not turn into a habit.

Shoes for teenagers should not be on very high heels.

Moreover, stilettos or wedge heels are rather hard to wear, so it is better to choose something easier. For example, chunky and kitten heels or pumps. Before this age, high-heels are forbidden.

What Shoe Sole Should Be Made of?

The height of heels is an important feature when choosing your shoes. However, do you usually pay attention to what the sole is made of? Anyway, you should do it. A bad shoe sole may be as harmful for health as regular wear of high-heels.

The sole must be soft and flexible.

To make sure it is so, bend your shoes slightly. If shoes are good, you will face no problems with that. However, the top of the sole should not deform too much. If the sole is too thin, it will be hard for your legs to find a fulcrum. Therefore, it must be both flexible and thick.

The most popular materials for soles are:

  • It is light, but solid. The sole is wear-resistant and rather flexible.
  • It is more elegant, soft and thin. Flexibility is also pretty good. Latex soles provide perfect grip with the ground.
  • It is not that flexible, but the material is natural, so there will be no sweating or itching.
  • Such soles are the most flexible, but not as wear-resistant as previous. Moreover, a low-quality rubber may be inconvenient.
  • Ethylene-vinyl acetate. This is mostly used for making sneakers. Such material is the most flexible and wear-resistant.

So, the best shoe sole must be both flexible and strong. It is hard to tell, which material is best, as manufacturers use them differently. You need to check all shoes before making a choice.

What to Wear After High-Heels

No matter how often you wear high-heels, you should let your feet rest. It is a good idea to have a footbath or a massage, but this is not enough. Considering all the disadvantages of heels, you should swap them with something more convenient.

There is nothing more comfortable and healthy than a pair of sneakers.

Such shoes are made repeating the shape of the foot. Moreover, the sole is usually nice and flexible. Therefore, wearing sneakers is a good vacation for your feet after high-heels. You can wear them when you casually walk by the street, and carry a pair of high-heels in your bag for formal occasions.

You can also use some low-heeled sandals or comfortable boots (depending on a season). Just make sure that the sole is comfortable.

The best shoes for casual walking should not be felt at all.

Wearing high-heels is probably a must-do for women. Whether we like it or not, sometimes there is nothing that can replace them. However, you can make sure that when you are not wearing heels your legs are resting. This way you will maintain foot health and prevent any problems. Tell us what kind of heels you like most.


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