How Many Calories in Peanut Butter?

how many calories in peanut butter

Peanut butter is a well-known and widely used product. Being a tasty source of many vitamins, it is beloved by everyone. However, is it a highly-calorized product? Let us learn!

Peanut Butter Calories in 1 tbsp, 1 tsp, 1 cup

Peanut butter has many useful properties, so dieticians often recommend adding it to a ration. There are many vitamins and microelements in peanuts, beneficial for health of internal organs and skin. Moreover, the presence of monounsaturated fatty acids means peanut butter removes cholesterol from your body and rejuvenates it.

Peanut butter is beneficial for your health indeed, but does it affect your figure? If you look at the nutrition composition of this product, you will see that it contains way too much fat. We are talking about a daily norm only in two tablespoons.

Therefore, the caloric value of a creamy peanut butter is also very big. It is 598 calories per 100 grams. Of course, such amount is enormous, so, should you eat it?

Peanut butter is a product of a plant origin. It does not contain harmful fats, vice versa, there are many Omega-3, 6 and 9. This stuff is extremely useful for your health, and is needed in diets. It helps to lose weight, not to gain it. So, if you really like peanut butter, do not be worried about the number of calories in there. One tablespoon will make no difference at all, but your body will use the vitamins and other useful ingredients well.

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However, if your diet is strict, you will not want any excess calories, even if with useful substances included. Then you should try a powdered peanut butter instead of a creamy one. What is the difference?

Powdered peanut butter is virtually grinded peanuts. There are almost no additives, which means this product might not be as tasty and sweet as a creamy one.

However, by grinding peanuts, many unnecessary calories and fats are removed with the absence of oils. Thus, the caloric value of a powdered peanut butter is lower with approximately 350 kcal per 100 g.

If you want to consume powered peanut butter, add some water to it in order to enhance the taste. In addition, this way you will receive even less calorized product, which will positively affect your body.

Calories in Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

PB&J is probably the most popular way to eat sliced bread in USA. Of course, such a tasty stuff would not take long to become worldwide popular. Since there are plenty of different jams you may use with peanut butter, the caloric value of this meal may vary a bit.

For example, a sandwich with blueberry and peanut butter is worth 165 kcal per serving (which is 40 g). If you use strawberry instead, it will decrease to 160 kcal.

Therefore, the difference is not palpable. You may use any berries you like, just as long as it remains delicious, as this is the most important property of PB&J sandwich.

Calories in Peanut Butter Balls

Peanut butter balls are another delicious treat you may find in a cafe or at your local store. This thing may be made with some additives, such as jam, frosting and stuff. We will name the caloric value of balls themselves, which is no less than 408 kcal per 100 grams.

Peanut butter balls might be rather caloric for you. However, if you do some sport, they are the best breakfast you can have. Containing only useful fatty acids and vegetable fats, these balls will grant you a nice share of energy and vitamins, needed for daily exercises.

Calories in Peanut Butter Pie

If there is something sweet, there is a pie with it. The one with a creamy peanut butter is amongst the most popular recipes in many countries. This meal is made with various additives and flavors, and peanuts only make it the best.

The caloric value of a slice of peanut butter pie (approximately 130 grams) is worth 610 calories. Such number is not really extraordinaire for bakery. So, eat it for getting a lot of vitamins from something very tasty.

Calories in Peanut Butter Frosting

Peanut butter frosting is a popular way to diversify the taste of a donut, cake or some dessert. This thing is made with a lot of sugar, so you would better not eat it, if you were on a diet. And of course, it is forbidden for those who have diabetes. One tablespoon of peanut butter frosting is worth 140 kcal. That is an average number for a product of this kind.

Peanut Butter Calories Chart

powdered peanut butter

Name of a product Calories in 1tsp Calories in 1tbsp Calories per 100 g Percent of daily intake*
Smooth peanut butter 29.9 89.7 598 29.9%
Powdered peanut butter 17.5 52.5 350 17.5%
PB&J sandwich 400 20.0%
Peanut butter balls 408 20.4%
Peanut butter pie 462 23.1%
Peanut butter frosting 29.2 87.6 584 29.2%

* For women – 2000 calories. According to USDA.

Peanut butter is a tasty product, but rather calorized. Even though there are no harmful fats in it, the amount of energy you get is very high. Therefore, do not eat too much of this butter, if you do no sport. All these beneficial calories may be easily transformed into fat, if not burnt in time.


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