How Many Calories Are In Raspberries (Black, Red, Golden)

one cup raspberries calories

Raspberry is a well-known nutrient food. It is so common, everyone has tasted it, and everyone likes it. Therefore, this product is often used in different diets. However, how much calories do different kinds of raspberry contain? Let us perform a small investigation!

Let’s Count Calories in Black Raspberries

Black is not a color of raspberry you are used to. Nevertheless, it is a very nutrient and also tasty variant. You may find some diets, where this one is recommended rather than a red one. Actually, the reason is a valuable nutrition composition (besides the fact that the amount of carbohydrates is bigger). Black raspberry contains an approximate quantity of 70 kcal per 100 g, which makes it a kind of food you may consume as much as you want (in reasonable amounts, of course).

Are There Many Calories in Red Raspberries?

While the black type the berry is somewhat more high-calorie than a traditional one, red raspberry is much more common, therefore, cheaper. In addition, you might not like that exotic variant, when there is a nice known one. Anyway, there is a little smaller quantity of calories in red raspberry, but not much, like 15-20 kcal less. This makes this beautiful red food a nice source of vitamins for those who is on diet. Try combining both two kinds to make it taste even more delicious!

About Calories in Golden Raspberries

Well, the golden one is not as nutrient as previous ones. It has a half less vitamins and calories. This means you may consume more the golden berries than red or black, but do not forget about water, as there is a lot of it inside. So, use it in your ration, if you like it, but there is no specific need in golden raspberry.

Calorie Chart for Raspberries

black and red raspberry

Name of a product Calories in a cup Calories in 6 oz. Calories in 100 g
Black raspberry 98.3 119.3 70.2
Red raspberry 74.6 90.6 53.3
Golden raspberry 49.9 60.7 35.7
Wild raspberry 71.7 87.1 51.2
Fresh raspberry equivalent equivalent equivalent
Frozen raspberry equiv. * 0.87 equiv. * 0.87 equiv. * 0.87

Do Fresh or Frozen Raspberries Contain More Calories?

Fresh raspberry has the amount of calories, we have mentioned above. However, jams or juices may contain twice more. You ought to keep it in mind always. So, if you want some jam, take at least twice less.

As to frozen one – as we know, frozen food has almost the same amount of nutrients as a fresh equivalent. The same is true about this product.

A single frozen berry may contain 0.5 calories less than fresh one does.

Is Wild Raspberry More or Less Caloric?

Wild raspberries are not much different from the one you may find in a garden. It is just smaller and dimmer. However, beekeepers like it for a high production of honey. Talking about calories, you will not see a difference.

So, any kind of raspberry is a highly nutrient product, and really delicious as well. Beside this fact, this berry has an extremely low concentration of calories. This means it may be used in any diet. You can make a nice fruit salad or a milkshake with this delicious food, which will help you get a lot of different vitamins, while causing no harm to your figure.


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