How Beneficial for Health are Raw, Boiled, Fried Chicken Eggs (White, Yolk)

egg nutritional benefits

Eggs contain many vitamins and minerals, meaning they are truly beneficial for health, aren’t they? However, what benefits exactly are talking about?

Egg Nutritional Benefits for Heart, Eyes, Teeth, Weight Loss

Egg is, above all, a natural source of protein and nutrients, which makes it almost an indispensable food for anyone. Vitamin E, contained in eggs, has antitumor effect, strengthens blood vessels and heart. Vitamin D in combination with phosphorus is useful for teeth and bone tissue. Egg yolk contains a unique substance – the strongest antioxidant called lutein. Eating eggs is an excellent prevention of vision problems, and cataracts especially.

The usefulness of eggs for pregnant women is doubtless, since they contain all the substances necessary for the proper development of fetus.

Eggs, oddly enough, have an average calorie content, and thanks to lecithin and choline, they help to remove fat and cholesterol from your body, which is important for people caring for their weight.

Nutrients and amino acids, in optimal proportions, support important functions of your body. Another indispensable benefit of eggs is their energy value, which athletes need. Read all the list of egg nutritional content, including fats, proteins, carbs as well as vitamins and microelements.

Boiled Egg Benefits

In general, there is almost nothing different for boiled eggs. However, they are digested in another way. Boiled protein is easier to absorb, but the yolk is preferable being raw, so, the most useful eggs are soft-boiled.

Soft-boiled eggs will be useful for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and tumors of all kinds. Regular consuming will help to strengthen bones, teeth, nails and hair.

You would better not eat eggs if you have an exacerbation of cardiovascular disease or kidney stone disease. With diseases of the pancreas and liver, they can be eaten infrequently and not too much. In general, boiled eggs are very useful, and it is not necessary to exclude them from a diet, except for cases with allergies and individual intolerance.

Raw Egg Benefits

Raw food is absorbed only when the body needs it, and it takes much less energy and resources than boiled food to digest it. Eggs are no different. This means that if your body has enough vitamins, it will ignore ones from an egg and will not absorb it. At the same time, boiled eggs will be 98% used. The reason is heat treatment.

Talking about unique benefits of raw eggs, these are:

  • Raw eggs are absorbed only when the body needs them; therefore, will not lead to weight gain.
  • Live proteins, fats and carbohydrates, contained in raw eggs, undoubtedly have a greater nutritional value than denatured ones.
  • In raw eggs, all vitamins and microelements will remain intact.

The above advantages of raw eggs allow us to talk about their usefulness for the treatment of various diseases caused by deficiency of some amino acids, fats, vitamins and other useful substances contained in eggs. For example, it is believed that raw eggs have a positive effect on male potency, as well as on female fertility, since they supply the body with the “details” necessary for the synthesis of hormones.

Vitamins of B group, stored in eggs, improve memory processes; supply the brain with glucose; take an active part in the transformation of fat, proteins and carbohydrates into energy; normalize acidity and increases immunity.

Other vitamins help your cardiovascular and nervous systems work well, provide cells with nutrients they need to grow and split, improve immune system and help proteins to be absorbed and digested.

However, there are not only advantages about raw eggs. First, there is a danger of contamination with salmonella. Second, hormones and antibiotics are components of chicken eggs, just like vitamins and other useful substances, which are preserved in raw form.

Considering mentioned, it is better to eat raw eggs you get straight from a farm, so that you are sure chicken were not fed with some unhealthy elements.

Fried Egg Benefits

There is not much to say about fried eggs. They have almost the same values of calories and nutrients content as boiled ones. However, remember that there are also some oil and condiments you use to cook an omelet. Therefore, you should count them when making your daily calories list.

It is very popular to eat fried eggs with bacon. The reason is not only its gorgeous taste, but also the egg’s ability to control cholesterol absorption. Leucine is a thing that helps with it.

what are egg whites

Benefits of Egg White: 4 Important Questions

Chicken egg whites contain various proteins, which are 10%. The rest is just water. We have talked about it in the nutrition article. Therefore, consuming white as is helps you gain muscles, while receiving no fats or carbs. Sportsmen often use this feature.

What are Egg Whites?

Talking about the proteins content, there are more than five types of them. One of the most beneficial and unique is ovalbumin. This substance is found in eggs only and is responsible for the development of new cells. That is why egg white is very beneficial for pregnant. Of course, whites contain many vitamins (again, we have considered them in another article).

What is interesting is that drinking pure whites without using a heat treatment may grant you many useful elements that will be absorbed rapidly.

Are Egg Whites Good for You?

Whites can cause allergic reactions in case of individual intolerance to the product. We have mentioned the risk of salmonellosis before, and it is still dangerous in this case. Nevertheless, you can make white omelet. This way you will get the same amount of vitamins, while being sure there is no disease.

Athletes and bodybuilders often use an omelet from whites only. That helps a lot in reducing the fat layer with minimal loss of muscle tissue. Different diets include whole eggs and whites separately. Examples are high-protein diet, Brazilian diet and white diet for weight loss.

The white of fresh chicken egg has bactericidal properties. It is necessary for the production of blood cells and the nice work of brain cells. Moreover, white is a powerful immune stimulant, as it neutralizes the negative influence of external environment.

Are Egg Whites Completely Healthy?

White of chicken eggs is successfully used for medical purposes – with its help, you can significantly alleviate the pain from burns, stop strong nosebleeds. Fresh white is good for reducing pain and inflammation in throat. It helps to restore the lost voice and is used to cure poisonings, especially mercury ones. In cosmetology, egg white is used to make masks for hair and face. It is a nice anti-wrinkle remedy.

Facts about Cholesterol in Egg White

Although there is no pure cholesterol in whites, excessive consumption of eggs provokes an increase in the level of that substance, which is fraught with the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, it is a nice idea to consume whites only, but in moderate amounts.

Learn about Egg Yolk Benefits

Yolk is a complete source of a large number of vitamins and minerals. Its content exceeds the utility of many vitamin-mineral preparations. People suffering from beriberi are encouraged to eat yolk as is. Moreover, it contains phosphorus that is used as a building material in bone tissues.

In addition to active use in cooking, yolk is a component of different medical remedies and body care products.

What is Egg Yolk?

Actually, yolk is a mixture of nutrients, accumulated by a living organism. Sometimes the yolk can merge into one solid mass, which is chicken eggs yolk. There are 15 chemical elements and 13 vitamins, as well as some fatty acids in its content. Moreover, it is a highly calorized product.

There is a lot of lecithin in yolk, which is necessary for normal operation of liver and bile ducts, allows regulating the distribution of adipose tissue and is responsible for the development of fetus during pregnancy. Lecithin also improves memory.

The more carotenoids in the yolk, the more saturated will be its color.

In addition to vitamins and minerals, yolk contains various pigments – carotenoids. The most important among them is beta-carotene or vitamin A. Scientist claim that natural carotenoids – lutein and zeaxanthin – reduce the risk of cataract development in old age.

Cholesterol in Yolk – Is There a Lot of It?

Foods with a rich content of saturated fats, like egg yolk or vegetable oils, cannot affect the level of cholesterol in blood or change the number of lipoproteins in general. When you eat yolk, the level of low-density lipoproteins (bad cholesterol) only decreases; its total blood level remains the same, and will not rise. That is why it is a good idea to eat pure yolk, as well as whole eggs. This way you will not get any changes in cholesterol level.

Chicken eggs are undoubtedly beneficial for health. The amount of negative factors is very low, and if you cook it, almost null. Therefore, it is good to consume eggs even when you go on a diet or try to gain muscles. Just make sure you have no allergy on its components.


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