Benefits of Oatmeal for Health, Skin, Weight Loss and Diabetes

what are the benefits of eating oatmeal

Dieticians have long proven that the most useful breakfast is oatmeal. It heals your body, provides a rejuvenating effect and increases life expectancy. It is truly one of the most vitamin-filled products.

Is Oatmeal Good for You?

Oatmeal is actually good for anyone. There are almost no contraindications for eating this cereal as a breakfast for 3-4 days a week. More might be harmful, as phytic acid from oatmeal prevents the absorption of calcium, which is necessary for your body.

Oatmeal is quite nutritious in its composition, because it contains many proteins of plant origin, as well as complex carbohydrates, which are a colossal source of energy for the human body. Carbs contribute significantly to caloric value of the cereal. Of course, there are many vitamins in oatmeal, such as A, B, E, K etc, the whole list of vitamins and microelements that oatmeal contains is here. The right combination of these makes this cereal absolutely unique.

The Most Known Benefits of Eating Oatmeal

Regular use of this wonderful porridge prevents the formation of blood clots, lowers cholesterol, improves memory and thinking processes and generally has a beneficial effect on the state of the cardiovascular system. Oatmeal is able to improve mood and tonus, B6 vitamin (which is a lot in its content) has an anti-stress effect. In addition, oatmeal contains vitamin A, carotene, riboflavin, tocopherol and thiamine.

Vitamin K, contained in flakes, prevents osteoporosis, improves blood coagulability and provides normal kidney function.

Biotin affects the general strengthening of the body and improves well-being. Oatmeal is successfully used in sports nutrition, because it helps to build muscle and control weight. This porridge is an excellent antioxidant, giving beauty to your skin, nails, hair and prolonging youth. A portion of oatmeal in the morning for residents of large cities with poor ecology will help to remove salts of heavy metals and harmful toxins from the body. Mix it with some raspberry to get a vitamin-loaded meal!

It is also known that oatmeal lowers the acidity of gastric juice, normalizes the work of the thyroid and liver and helps to get rid of colitis, indigestion and constipation. There is hardly any product with so many health benefits.

Is Oatmeal Good for Weight Loss?

Oatmeal has a positive effect on the work of stomach. Moreover, it almost does not contain any harmful fats. Only vegetable ones. Nutritionists recommend starting a day with a portion of oatmeal, cooked on water, because this kind is extremely useful for intestines. Porridge will envelop your stomach with some kind of membrane, which facilitates digestion.

benefits of oatmeal weight loss

Even crushed in flakes, oat grains perfectly cleanses intestines. It is like a ‘brush’ to remove accumulated ‘garbage’. Slime, which is formed when cooking oatmeal on water, is an excellent tool for treating peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum. Regular oatmeal breakfast helps to eliminate any problem with gastrointestinal tract.

Everything mentioned means that it is a good idea to eat some oat, when you try to lose weight. However, how do you make it the most beneficial? Let us find out.

Despite the fact that this product is very simple and known, it should be eaten correctly; otherwise, the oat diet will not deal any results.

First of all, do not use any instant oatmeal. Such porridge is easy to cook, but you will have 5 times less vitamins. Moreover, it contains sugar and preservatives that are bad for your health.

Try not to overload your oatmeal with a variety of foods that have increased sweetness and fat content. When losing weight, it is forbidden to eat oatmeal with fatty gravy, mayonnaise, butter, all kinds of sauces or jams. These components ‘block’ the useful effect of the porridge itself. Therefore, cook it on milk or water.

By the Way, Is Oatmeal Good for Diabetics?

If you have diabetes, you should carefully monitor your diet and eat foods that do not lead to sugar surplus. Can you eat oatmeal with diabetes? To maintain the level of sugar, you need to eat products that lower cholesterol. Therefore, oat is just what you need!

Oatmeal is a long-term source of energy, so when you eat it, you will forget about hunger for several hours. It affects the viscosity of stomach contents, thereby prolonging the absorption of glucose into blood and slowing digestion. This property of oatmeal helps to control the level of insulin, which is why this porridge is recommended for diabetics.

Diabetics should avoid jumps of cholesterol. Oat contains beta-gluten. It saturates the body with soluble fibers and thus lowers cholesterol in blood. Fibers envelop the walls of stomach and intestines to prevent the absorption of cholesterol into blood.

Studies have shown that diabetics who regularly eat oatmeal have the glucose level significantly decreased.

This led to a reduction in the dose of insulin needed to control its level. When making a porridge, do not add sugar, just a spoonful of honey. Milk can be replaced with water. You can also pour oatmeal with natural yogurt overnight and eat it for breakfast. To improve the taste, add a small amount of fruit or berries.

Is Oatmeal Good for Getting Rid of Cholesterol?

A high level of cholesterol is a big problem that cannot be solved immediately. People who eat too much junk food, do no sport, drink alcohol eventually will face this issue. To prevent the increasing of cholesterol, you should refuse bad habits, do some physical exercises and eat a healthy food. Oatmeal is one of the best variants here.

Having all these benefits, we have mentioned above, oatmeal of any kind is really beneficial for decreasing of cholesterol. Therefore, you should start your anti-cholesterol diet with this porridge.

Since oat contains a large amount of fiber, one serving of oatmeal a day can reduce cholesterol by 5-15%.

It does not mean you should eat only this cereal and nothing else. Combine it with some fruits, nuts, yogurts, whatever that makes it tasty for you.

Oatmeal is an undoubtedly unique product. This cereal contains so much vitamins and microelements in right quantities, there is almost nothing better. Eating oatmeal 3-4 times a week for breakfast is really beneficial for anyone. Just remember to make it tasty for yourself, so that such meal would be great for you at any time.


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