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How to Reduce Consequences of Sitting for Too Long + Correct Sitting Posture

side effects of sitting too long on computer

When you sit for too long, you start feeling pain in legs, lower back and spine. These signs mean that your body does not like your position, and you have to do something. However, why is sitting so bad?


How To Count Calories Burned Walking

calculate the amount of calories burnt

Is it possible to lose weight only by walking? If so, than how many miles do you have to walk? Let us dig deeper into this topic and find the truth!


How Many Calories Burned Running: Useful Calculation Examples

run to lose weight

Running is the cheapest kind of physical activity. It does not take too much strength or time as well. However, how beneficial is it compared to walking?


Causes of Swelling in Feet and Ankles & How to Get Rid of Edema in Legs

why are my feet swollen

Swelling in feet and ankles is a common problem. It has many different reasons, which may even combine. So, how do you treat swelling and prevent it in future?


What to Do if Feet Hurt from Standing All Day?

shoes for standing all day

Standing work can be rather tiring and hard for your body, especially for feet. It is important to stop and prevent any bad effects of standing to be healthy. How can you do it? Let us learn!


How to Choose Comfortable Heels & Most Comfortable High Heels

comfortable heels for women

High-heels are one of the iconic labels of fashion. Such shoes can make you look elegant and even more beautiful than you already are. So, how to make high-heels comfortable for your feet?